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Fragoff of Community Voice on Planning: discussing housing and greenbelt on the Sunday Politics Show

The local campaigning group FRAGOFF won a seat in the council elections in Sefton, Mersyside:
Futures Forum: Fragoff: "The vote was seen as a referendum on Labour's plans to develop on Formby's green belt and a rejection of Labour's Local Plan."


Save Our Green Belt Placard
We are F.R.A.G.O.F.F. which stands for Formby Residents Action Group Opposition From Formby.
We were formed when the Coalition Government Policy of building on green belt reached the suburban village of Formby Merseyside.
We demand that the status of green belt land be given the greatest protection possible from building developers in the spirit of the founding principles of the green belt concept.
We shall actively and openly support all other Action Groups campaigning against proposed development on green belt land as a neighbourly and collaborative organisation.
We are committed to involving and engaging with local residents.
For more information about our group see our Mission Statement or go to our In-depth Home Page.

Formby Residents Action Group Win Local Council Seat!

Formby Residents' Action Group (FRAG) has won its first Local Council seat in Sefton Council's Ravenmeols Ward, which takes in Formby and Ince Blundell.
FRAGOFF Chair Maria Bennett took the seat with more than 41% of the vote, polling 1,649 votes Labour 1,137 votes Conservative 725 votes and last UKIP on 522 . The vote was seen as a referendum on Labours plans to develop on Formby's green belt and a rejection of Labours Local Plan. More news will follow later. However everyone involved in our campaign and especially newly elected Councillor Maria Bennett wishes to thank everyone who volunteered to help with our campaign. Without that community support this would have never been possible.

Fragoff Save Our Green Belt

The group is a very active member of the CoVoP:
Community Voice on Planning | A National Alliance to provide communities with an effective voice on planning, enabling them to protect their greenfield and green spaces.

And it will be appearing on tomorrow's Politics Show:
BBC - Daily and Sunday Politics


28 June 2014
As readers of the EDA website will know, campaign groups throughout the country  have created a united Community Voice on Planning organisation (CoVoP). Our Formby branch will take part in in a discussion on Greenbelt and housing, in this weekend’s BBC Politics Show on Sunday morning.
See some of our CoVoP colleagues on BBC Politics Show this Sunday (29 June, 11a.m.) | East Devon Alliance

Friday, 27 June 2014 (3053782)
BBC crew in town to film FRAGOFF for politics show
by Holly Rummens

A BBC film crew from Sunday Politics was in Formby recently to interview Ravenmeols Cllr Maria Bennett and FRAGOFF about the Green Belt issues the community faces as part of the Local Plan.

Local resident Jan Roberts, whose property is already threatened by flooding explained to the BBC the potential impacts raising the land next to her come could have.

Drainage expert John Williams, who previously worked for Sefton Council in the Flooding and Drainage investigation team, was on hand to explain why the Liverpool Road site, the David Wilson Homes proposed housing development, would have been disastrous for the neighbouring properties.

The BBC crew were shown the new build properties in Formby that have been empty and remained unsold for more than four years, despite government claims that there is a 1113 demand for homes in Sefton.

The housing development of the former Powerhouse site, which was given the go ahead last year, was also mentioned during the interview, a proposal which was also opposed by FRAGOFF, who have claimed these new homes will go to those with the deepest pockets not the greatest in need.

Cllr Bennett said: “I was asked by the BBC reporter if it was the Government’s fault our council are insisting to build on the greenbelt.

”I pointed out that we had Mr Boles attend Formby and he discussed many of our immediate concerns, following his meeting with us, he clearly dispels the myth touted by the Government and others surrounding the local plan.

“It is clear that the government target for Sefton is nearly half of that proposed by the local plan.

”The NPPF states only in exceptional circumstance should the greenbelt be used and our run council are trying to use housing for economic regeneration and the greenbelt as a green cheque book.

“They state in their own documents that these houses are for people moving into the area and are not based on their own current need.

”It is completely irresponsible to pass the blame on the government when our own council want to build nearly double the housing requirements.

“Common sense appears to have gone out of the window and profit has taken its place.”

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