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District Council - Submission of the new Local Plan........... deadline Monday 7th October..... pro forma letter from SOS

As part of the District Council's current consultation period on its Local Plan:
East Devon District Council - Submission of the new Local Plan 
[which concludes at noon on Monday 7th October],
this is a suggested pro forma letter produced  by the SOS campaign: 

Planning Policy,               
East Devon District Council,
Sidmouth, EX1O 8HL

DATE: xx.xxxx

Dear Sir,

The following are my comments on the Sidmouth sections of the East Devon Local Plan in response to the consultation on post publication changes.

A. In changed paragraph “Our vision for Sidmouth is one of. ® 6.129”, because of the total unsuitability of the Sidford site for development, I suggest the further deletion of the words:
“although it may be necessary for provision to be located outside of the existing built up area boundary if no alternative sites are available within the town.”

B. In changed paragraph “Strategy 26 - Development at Sidmouth: ® 6.133”, for the same reason as above, I suggest the following rewording. Also, no retail use should be allowed.
‘2. Jobs - provision of up to 5 hectares of additional employment land with a particular onus on BI space at Sidford is only a remote contingency, and because of its situation in an AONB, the flood risk (zone 3b), and very poor road infrastructure, it must be stressed that the development of the following allocation would only be considered after the 5 year review of the plan if exceptional need could be demonstrated and serious drawbacks overcome; the development to be compatible with the historic and Regency qualities and current uses and nature of the town.’
This would require some further amendment, in the following sentences, to the  time frame (first/second 5 year review, etc.), and to the grammar (will/would).

C. I am unhappy with the limited changes to “Current Council Offices, Knowle — 50 homes ® 6.295”,  including the totally unacceptable extension of zone C southwards into the gardens. To save further waste of taxpayers’ money, Robin Fuller’s proposal to use the old building for 40/50 apartments and to refurbish the newer buildings for council offices is far preferable to the wasteful relocation ‘ambition’; I thoroughly support Sidmouth Town Council Planning Committee’s response to planning application 12/1847/MOUT on 6 February 2013 regarding the site:
           “Support development in Zone C subject to development being restricted to the footprint of the existing office buildings and subject to sympathetic and appropriate design in keeping with the character of the area and adjacent properties.
           “Advisory notes:
•             The existing access to Knowle Drive from the western edge of zone C should be closed off with all access to zone C being the main driveway to avoid the creation of a through road.
•             All current and proposed public Rights of Way throughout the site should be maintained. Unable to support development in zones A, B, D, and E.”

I support other paragraphs relating to Sidmouth, and thank you for this opportunity to comment.

Yours sincerely,

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