Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CoVoP: Community Voice on Planning

The Save Our Sidmouth group has just become a member of the CoVoP.
Its website has a very useful ongoing list of news stories around and about planning issues:
Community Voice on Planning - News

A National Alliance to provide communities with an effective voice on planning, enabling them to protect their greenfield and green spaces.

What is CoVoP?

As there are many groups around the country fighting developments on greenfield or green spaces and government does not seem to be listening, a number of groups have decided to get together in the hope that a larger voice will enable us to influence government policies on behalf of all of those communities.
We recognise that many groups are fighting developments on inappropriate sites or without the necessary infrastructure.  As local plans are being delayed by the red tape included in government policies, developers are being given a window of opportunity to build anywhere. We believe that local communities do not have a voice to challenge this and that greenfield and green spaces are being lost forever without thought for the long term consequences.

Our Aim is  “To enable communities to protect greenfield and green spaces by influencing government policy.”

Our objectives include:
  • Sharing expertise on setting up and running local campaigns
  • Sharing knowledge and experience on planning issues
  • Proposing national action to be shared by as many groups as possible
  • Providing a consistent (louder voice) to government on behalf of communities across the country
  • Remaining non-party-political

If your group would like to participate as part of this alliance then simply contact us using the email below giving us details of your location, website, facebook, twitter (or other social media) together with a contact name and phone number and a brief statement about your campaign. We will add you to our database and keep you informed of our activities.

Please also let us know if you do not want your group included on our website.

We will not use your contact information for any other purpose than to notify you of CoVoP activity.


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Advice on setting up an Action Group

Get others involved
Book a community meeting
» To let people know what is happening and to give them the opportunity to join forces with you.
» Drop leaflets around the area that is affected.
» Let people know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and why you are objecting to it.
» Give a telephone number or email address where they can contact you on for more information.
Your first Action Group meeting
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Contact us at mail@covop.org

Community Voice on Planning

The Save Our Green Spaces campaign is linked to CoVoP:
Community Voice on Planning - alliance
Futures Forum: The Save Our Green Spaces campaign: greenbelt under threat

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