Sunday, 2 March 2014

"Who will rid me of this turbulent Sidmouth?!" ... or ... moving your capital and " running away from the issues"

One has to wonder why the leadership at East Devon seems so desperate to leave Sidmouth.

Is it because of the constant thorn in their side - represented by the 'serial critics' of the Sid Vale?
The Leader of the District Council certainly seems irked by the volume coming from objectors:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: the letters of objection

Certainly, the Save Our Sidmouth grouping has been persistent in its criticism of several decisions made by the District Council these last years:
Save Our Sidmouth

And the on-line news and views service of the Sidmouth Independent News has been very sharp in its observations:
Sidmouth Independent News | aims to lift the lid on the plans to develop the Sid Valley, and publish the views of the good folk of Sidmouth and beyond

However, whilst the leadership might be seeking to run to the furthest-most regions of its domain, it can't hide ...

... And yet this is exactly what governments over time have sought to do - to decamp well away from the prying eye and rasping jeer.

The Iranian parliament has recently voted to move the capital from Tehran, although there are those who consider it simply a matter of running away from the issues. 

Parliament voted with 110 votes in favor, 67 votes opposed and 10 abstentions to move the administrative and political capital from Tehran. According to the bill, officials from the administration will lead a committee including parliamentary and Tehran municipal officials to review and summarize the studies that have been done on the transfer of the capital.

Proponents of the bill say that Tehran is vulnerable to earthquakes and facing resource and pollution challenges. They say that 11% of Iran’s population is located in Tehran, but that the city accounts for 25% of the country’s wealth. That wealth continues to be centered in Tehran while smaller cities and villages continue to grow poorer, with major banking, construction and other industries centered in Tehran.

Those opposed to the bill said that instead of running away from the issues that have inflicted Tehran by moving the capital, it is better to fundamentally address the problems facing the city. They say that moving the administrative and political capital does not mean people will automatically move too, and that major steps need to be taken to assure the proper living conditions for the new suggested capital.

Iran parliament approves bill to move capital from Tehran | Iran Pulse: Must-Reads from Iran Today

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