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Knowle relocation project: District Council vote to spend £1million on Skypark: press release

Following on from the full Council meeting of Weds 26th February:
Futures Forum: District Council meets to consider issue of relocating from Knowle to Skypark ... Weds 26th February
here is the official report of that meeting - with the full Minutes expected shortly.

Office move takes another step forward

SkyPark central with Clyst Honiton bottom left
Friday 28 February

Further research into the viability of the council’s office relocation to SkyPark was given the go ahead by full council on Wednesday (26 February).

Council officers will now enter a further evaluation and negotiation phase with the preferred option of SkyPark. A report outlining whether the council should commit funding to the new headquarters is expected to be presented to cabinet and full council in July.

Councillor Paul Diviani, leader of East Devon District Council, said:

“Now we have full council’s approval to enter further negotiation with the preferred option of SkyPark we can focus our attention solely on this site.


“SkyPark is firmly on East Devon soil and the location exemplifies the council’s commitment to the Growth Point – this is an exciting emerging employment and commercial development locations in the district which will help East Devon keep its promise to deliver a thriving, competitive local economy with quality jobs.

“As part of the office relocation we will be engaging with customers and stakeholders to ask them what particular services they would like to see provided elsewhere – to a greater degree than they already are if we press the button and decide to move to SkyPark.”

A marketing exercise for Knowle and Manstone will now also get underway, as well as an investigation into options on re-provision of business space to succeed East Devon Business Centre. This follows full council’s decision to offer the council’s Heathpark site for redevelopment.

Capital receipts from Knowle, Manstone and Heathpark will be invested in the new headquarters so that the council keeps its commitment not to place any extra burden on Council Tax payers.


Back in November, cabinet shortlisted five out of 15 possible sites for new office accommodation. These were Cranbrook town centre, SkyPark, two sites on Heathpark in Honiton and Clyst House at Winslade Park. Apart from the two sites in Honiton, all other options were to the west of the district. Cabinet asked for further evaluation of these locations, including site visits, further work with developers and agents, an equality analysis, expert spatial analysis and additional intelligence. In January the Office Accommodation Member Executive Group considered the options – along with the option to stay at Knowle – and the top two scoring locations were presented to cabinet. These were SkyPark and Clyst House, Winslade Park.

Cabinet took the decision on 5 February to go with SkyPark.

If cabinet and full council commit funding to the new headquarters in the summer it is likely that the council would relocate towards the end of 2016.


Aerial view of the general area, with the SkyPark site in the centre of picture and the village of Clyst Honiton at the bottom left.

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