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"Thanks to the hard work of people in East Devon and across Britain the economy is now above its pre-crisis peak"

The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP for East Devon has published a press release on the state of things in the constituency and beyond:
Hugo Swire: major milestone in our economic plan means a brighter future for families in East Devon | Hugo Swire

This has been taken up by the local press:

SIDMOUTH: Local people are boosting national growth, says MP

6th August 2014

Hard-working people in Sidmouth and across East Devon have helped to get the national economy growing again, local MP Hugo Swire has said.

Mr Swire claimed the latest figures show the British economy is now above its pre-crisis peak and is moving in the right direction again. And welcoming the statistics, the East Devon MP paid tribute to those in Sidmouth and around his constituency in helping to boost growth.

Mr Swire heralded a “major milestone” in the long-term economic plan and pledged to deliver a prosperous future for local people.

He said: “Thanks to the hard work of people in East Devon and across Britain, the economy is now above its pre-crisis peak – a major milestone in the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan. It means more businesses creating more jobs so families can look forward to a brighter, more secure future.”

The MP said people in East Devon had suffered particularly during the financial crisis. But claimed the latest figures showed that Sidmouth families could now look forward to the security of a regular pay packet and peace of mind for the future.

He added: “There is still a long way to go. The recession was one of the deepest of any major economy and cost Britain six years, hitting people in East Devon hard. Now we owe it to hardworking taxpayers not to repeat the mistakes of the past and instead to stick with the plan that is delivering economic security and a brighter future for all.”

SIDMOUTH: Local people are boosting national growth, says MP - View from Sidmouth

Hugo Swire MP is also urging constituents to sign up to regular contact:
Hugo Swire urges constituents to sign up to his e-bulletins | Hugo Swire

This is of course electioneering - May 2015 is not too far away by now.

Other parties and candidates have been making similar noises:
SIDMOUTH: Labour members connecting with community groups - View from Sidmouth
UKIP Nigel farage could win Labour seat in Plymouth Moor View Alison Seabeck says academic Matthew Goodwin associate professor of politics at the University of Nottingham | Western Morning News
They ain’t called nasty for nothing - Exmouth life - Exmouth Journal

Meanwhile, Hugo Swire MP has been doing some fund-raising:

July 3, 2014 9:04 pm

Tories raise cash and laughs, but Labour’s not smiling

Guests arrive at the Conservative Party Summer Party©Getty
Guests arrive for the summer party
The chance to play doubles tennis with David Cameron and Boris Johnson fetched £160,000 at this year’s Conservative summer fundraiser, where the dress code was “glamorous” and the venue was the home of polo.
Leading business people and City financiers mingled with cabinet ministers at the Hurlingham private members’ club in Fulham, west London, on Wednesday night for the Tory party’s penultimate fundraising event before next year’s general election.
Many of the guests arrived at the exclusive venue – the Hurlingham Club has a 20-year waiting list and set the rules of polo – in Rolls-Royces and Jaguars with blacked out windows in an effort to remain low-key.
Mr Cameron gave a speech to an audience containing some of Britain’s wealthiest business people and financiers.
Sir Michael Hintze, the CQS hedge fund manager; Lord Fink, former party treasurer and grandee of the hedge fund industry; and James Lupton, party treasurer and former Barings banker, were among the dozens of industry figures at the party.
Hugo Swire, Foreign Office minister and one of the leading charity auctioneers, presided over the sales.
When it came to the tennis lot, Mr Swire joked that the ball boys serving the prime minister and London mayor would be Lynton Crosby, the Tory campaign chief, and Andrew Feldman, the party’s co-chairman. “They will be picking up David’s balls and then give them to Nick Clegg, who hasn’t got any,” Mr Swire joked, according to one guest.
Mr Swire also sold off a pot of his own honey, dubbing it a “most unusual, rare gift which only four people have got” – David and Samantha Cameron and George and Frances Osborne. “It is a jar of my own honey. . . It will be the most expensive jar of honey bought in the world.”
His sweet talk paid off,with the honey said to have sold for double its £15,000 starting point.

Tories raise cash and laughs, but Labour’s not smiling - FT.com

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