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Community Energy Strategy

A reminder from the 10:10 campaign group:


This Monday sees the publication of the government’s Community Energy Strategy. After months of hard thinking, head scratching, and evidence gathering, DECC will reveal how they want to promote and support communities owning and generating their own power all over the UK.
We’re hoping the strategy will encourage more people to produce their own local, clean power. But, we can’t help noticing that while the government and the press are busy discussing community energy, our Solar Schools are just getting on and doing it. In the words of Richard Craft from Fitzmaurice primary school, Wiltshire, ‘we're doing something about climate change, not sitting around talking about it. Help us generate our own clean energy’.

Community Energy Strategy? The Solar Schools are on the case... | 10:10

The 10:10 campaign is five years old, with a couple of ideas

Carbon cutting for everyone
It's 2014 - let's step it up!

Here's a scary fact: this year, on September 1st, it'll be five years since 10:10 launched in a shower of aircraft aluminium and complimentary champagne. Five years.

Lots has changed on the climate front since then, but the fundamentals are still the same: we've still got loads to do, and not much time to do it.
So let's make 2014 the year we take things up a notch.
It doesn't matter where you're starting from - if you're up for pushing the boat out a bit, we'll work extra hard to help you make it happen.
Deal? OK! Here's a few ideas to get you going...

Share some know-how

Draughtbusting workshop at Transition Belsize
So, you've mastered DIY draughtproofing, or finally found the perfect LED lightbulb – don't keep it to yourself!
Find someone who's keen to do something you've done already, and take an hour or two to help them out.
I'll do it

Master a couple of low carbon dishes

Vegetable skewers
The key here is to keep it simple: it's the go-to dishes you cook every week that make the biggest difference.
You're looking for quick, easy recipes that don't need lots of cheese or red meat. And if you can vary it to incorporate seasonal veg and leftovers, all the better. Think stir friessoupsomelettes, and yes, pies.
I'll do it


Be a good citizen

We're doing our bit - let's get them to do theirs!
You're doing good stuff at home - make sure the people in power are on the case too.
Meet your MP, write to your local newspaper, vote for – or better still, campaign for – candidates who get it.
I'll do it


Do a regular journey by bike

Cycling through a park in Autumn
Like adding low carbon dishes to your weeknight cooking repertoire, the regularity is key here – even a two-mile car journey adds up if you're doing it a few hundred times a year. Here's a quick guide to bringing your old bike back to life after a long spell in the shed.
Cycling not your thing? Good headphones and a fresh playlist or audiobook can turn an uninspiring walk into the highlight of your day.
I'll do it



Help a community energy project

Little Kingshill Solar School
Small enough for one person to make a difference, but big enough to feel like a step up from home carbon cutting, helping a community energy project is one of the best ways to help tackle climate change.
Donate a fiver to your local Solar School, give some time to help a new project get off the ground, or invest in an ambitious wind co-op – there's something for everyone.
I'll do it


Join the LED revolution

Philips SlimStyle LED lightbulb
These ultra low-carbon lights have really come of age in the last year or so – with dozens of new models on the market and prices coming down all the time, now's a good time to start making the switch. Not sure where to start? Which Magazine has a good intro to LED lighting for your home.
I'll do it

Talk about climate change

Couple talking at a picnic table
It sounds daft, but having honest, friendly conversations about climate change is one of the hardest, and most important things you can do to help.
People take their cues about what matters from what others are talking about, but climate conversations can be a minefield. Not sure where to start? Try using one of the #itshappening examples as a jumping off point.
I'll do it

Your turn!

How are you stepping it up in 2014? Drop us a tweet or Facebook comment with your ideas and we'll share the best.
Here's to a year of bravery and breakthroughs!
Mal and the 10:10 team

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