Monday, 6 January 2014

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An excellent social media site, already referred to on this blog, with a plethora of themes discussed, for example:
Futures Forum: Persimmon, Sidmouth and "promoting well-designed housing that is sustainable and provides much-needed new housing..."
Futures Forum: District Council: asking for wildlife volunteers and advertising for a winter tree identification walk... on the Community Notice Board...
Futures Forum: Street Market Sidmouth

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Power cut Thursday in part of Sidmouth

Surprised nobody has not mentioned it, so I have.  It did not cover all of Sidmouth or Sidford.
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Sam H 

I think it must just have been the very center of town - places up Vicarage Road were ok as were places up towards Knowle.


It was in town centre only. I called Western Power Distribution at the time, who knew about it and told me just over 1200 properties were affected. They said it was caused by damage to the main line but didnt know how it had been caused. Visitors to the ...more »

Little Weed  to Bulverton and 8 more areas

Saturday Seafron 4th January 2014

Large stones had been lifted onto the promenade.  Difficult to walk all the way along the prom.  Unusual sea birds around. A West Country Ambulance was down there.....but I don't think there was any incidents.


I saw the ambulance but they were looking at the high tide like the rest of us. The cliffs were getting quite a pounding!

Katherine B 

The storm has gouged out the beach between the rocks beneath the walkway and at low tide there is, what looks like, the remains of an old ship rail, one end stuck beneath the rocks and nearby another flatter imbedded similar wooden piece. Has anyone else ... more »

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Jade Wok/Hong Kong

I noticed yesterday that the Jade Wok has been rebranded/sold, how long since this happened? How much have I missed over Christmas? :-) Picking up their Takeaway leaflet the dishes seem the same but many are lower in price, not often you see that!


Think a guy who has a restaurant in seaton has taken it over... Hear the food has improved..

Sam H 

Yes there have been some changes - hopefully the food will stay just as good though. It's a shame that most of the original staff seem to have left  - my family always like going to eat there!

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Notice Board at top of Old Fore Street

I see that EDDC have two official notices about their services on the notice board at the top of Old Fore Street. You know, the one that EDDC refused planning permission for!
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Barnacle Bill 

Who pinned them up though?

Purple Rinse 

Really? Beggars belief that any council employee would be so silly as to post official notices on the board or that any of the 'usual suspect' board users would be so petty to do the same!

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Persimmon to push for Woolbrook Road site

Page 3 Sidmouth Herald Is this the site opposite Penrose  Place to Ice House Lane/Bennetts Hill area?  Or is higher up?  If it is around Greenaway Lane this is a large potential site. Dark Lane seems to have bad drainage at the best of times. Monday, ... more »
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I thought the site was earmarked for the Park & Ride scheme. But EDDC like to have more money in coffers rather than protect what used to be 'The Jewel in the Crown' of east Devon. The words killing Golden Goose comes to mind

Little Weed 

We were 'sold' the development  with the increased traffic, they would put in a Park and Ride scheme............to help with congestion. The problem is the there is no opposition to challenge anything, we all seem just to forget. One of my friends, ...more »

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Mrs Maureen RichardsMBE said...


Looking for someone who might have an assortment of Lego for sale at a reasonable price for my grandchildren when they come to visit.

Regards Maureen

Anonymous said...


Looking for someone local who might have an assortment of Lego they might like to sell at a reasonable price.

Many Thanks Maureen