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Climate change conversation: 21st September ... 12 noon ... on the Esplanade

A message from the Futures Forum chair today:

On Sunday 21st September there will be a world-wide set of events associated with the emergency UN climate summit.

"People's climate marches" are scheduled for New York and London.

In Sidmouth we can join in the climate change conversation starting wherever we happen to be at the eleventh hour, 11 a.m., making our way to join with others on the Esplanade in front of the Lifeboat station by 12, where we can have sharp arguments and sober discussion, and maybe art works, performances, stunts, paddle boarding, bicycles, placards and face-painting.

You can if you wish add your name to the petition for international action on this link:
Avaaz - Climate - the most important petition we've ever done

Want to get involved?

Robert Crick

There are considerable preparations from NGOs, organisations and campaigning groups:

For example:

On 4 September, experts from the two largest international climate change networks will brief media on political expectations for the upcoming Climate Summit in New York. Hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, government leaders from around the world will gather on 23 September to accelerate the ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, as part of a global effort to tackle dangerous climate change and secure the new jobs, clean air and economic benefits their electorates demand.
Our panellists will also brief reporters on the People's Climate March in New York two days before the Summit, related mobilization efforts taking place around the world on the same day, and messages from leading economists, business alliances, medical professionals, youth networks, faith-based organizations and indigenous groups who are all calling for climate action. Organizers are expecting hundreds of thousands to take to the streets of New York, making it the biggest climate march in history.

News Releases | CAN International 

Films are already out:

Avaaz have launched one of their biggest petitions:

Climate - the most important petition we've ever done

I can sincerely say this is the most important petition we've ever done. 

Sorry for the language, but one top scientist just warned that we are all "f*cked" if global warming releases gigantic amounts of methane gas from the arctic tundra. The UN knows this, and is bringing world leaders to New York for an emergency summit.

Hundreds of thousands of us will take to the streets for the People’s Climate March just before the summit. Let’s make sure that on that day we deliver the largest Avaaz petition ever, for the only solution:mobilize the world to shift to 100% clean energy. Add your voice, and forward this widely: 

Avaaz - Climate - the most important petition we've ever done

Here is James Lovelock a few years back saying the same thing:

Prominent Scientist on Global Warming: No Hope, We’re F*cked

“Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”
- James Lovelock on what we can do about global warming
Speaking to the Guardian, legendary scientist and author of the ‘Gaia Hypothesis‘ of planet earth, James Lovelock, outlined why he thinks around 80% humanity will be dead due to climate change by around 2100. From the interview, we learn that Lovelock believes:
1. Global warming has passed the tipping point and is now impossible to stop.
2. If we had changed course in the late 1960′s it could have been prevented
3. Personal behavior won’t make any difference to climate change.
4. Recycling, carbon trading, planting trees are all useless in combating global warming. “Carbon offsetting? I wouldn’t dream of it,” says Lovelock. “It’s just a joke. To pay money to plant trees, to think you’re offsetting the carbon? You’re probably making matters worse.”
5. Renewable energy is the biggest fraud of all . “You’re never going to get enough energy from wind to run a society such as ours,” says Lovelock. “Windmills! Oh no. No way of doing it. You can cover the whole country with the blasted things, millions of them. Waste of time.”
6. Only nuclear power can solve our energy crisis
7. We need more technology, not less, to help mitigate the massive impact of climate change
8. People want to keep living as they are, and only a huge catastrophe like World War II will make us change
9. When it does hit the fan, it will give people purpose. “We all knew something [World War II] terrible was going to happen, but didn’t know what to do about it,” says Lovelock. And once the second world war was under way, “everyone got excited, they loved the things they could do, it was one long holiday … so when I think of the impending crisis now, I think in those terms. A sense of purpose – that’s what people want.”
10. Only after 80% of the population dies out will “we have a human on the planet that really does understand it and can live with it properly.”
In other words, we’re f*cked.
UPDATE: This article was originally published in 2008 on the Guardian, but is surging as the 2nd most popular article on the site today. 

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