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Climate change: converse on the seafront: 21st September

Tomorrow - Sunday 21st September - sees several events around the country and around the world highlighting climate change - including in Sidmouth:
Futures Forum: Climate change conversation: 'informed dialogue' in Sidmouth: Sunday 21st September ..... press release

A note from SidEnergy:

Greetings From the SidEnergy Team

On Sunday 21st September there will be a world-wide set of events 
associated with the emergency UN climate summit.

"People's climate marches" are scheduled for New York and London. In 
Sidmouth we can join in the climate change conversation starting 
wherever we happen to be at the eleventh hour, 11a.m., making our way 
to join with others on the Esplanade in front of the Lifeboat station 
by 12, where we can have sharp arguments and sober discussion, and 
maybe art works, performances, stunts, paddle boarding, bicycles, 
placards and face-painting.

You can if you wish add your name to the petition for international 
action on this link:


The SidEnergy team will be there so come along and meet us.


The SidEnergy Team

SidEnergy | Home | Sid Valley's community energy cooperative

A reminder from the latest Herald:

Converse on seafront on climate change concerns

Thursday, September 18, 2014 

The event on The Esplanade on Sunday (September 21) is one of thousands being organised across the globe to discuss the issues before a petition is submitted.
Organisers hope the event will draw attention to and engage those both concerned and sceptical about climate change.
“In Sidmouth, we love island nations, especially those who, unlike us, have no higher ground to retreat to,” said Robert Crick.
“At the eleventh hour Sid Valley residents and visitors from far and wide will start from wherever we happen to be to walk, cycle, paddleboard, skateboard or march to The Esplanade.
“On the beach, we will engage in a climate change conversation from about noon.
“This is a chance to share the knowledge, the questions, the wisdom, the doubts, the hopes and fears of as many residents and visitors as possible.
“At 1.30pm, the tide will start coming in and all participants can decide whether to sign a petition to our representatives at the United Nations, and what message to send to other sea-level communities around the world, where it is not just the tide and the waves that are rising.
“Some of us may plunge into the sea, or make music or art works or even speeches and plan future events. This is a leaderless, open, democratic conversation.”

Converse on seafront on climate change concerns - News - Sidmouth Herald

To provoke a little conversation:

There's one especially good bit, that completely stopped me dead. If you follow the climate science, you'll have heard the talk about how change doesn't happen incrementally but touches sudden "non-linear tipping elements", which may at any moment run completely out of control. Well, Klein also discusses a paper called "Is Earth Fucked?" by the geophysicist Brad Werner, which models the likely progress of "earth-human systems" towards various unpleasant outcomes, unless one remaining node of unpredictability is activated: "people or groups of people" who resist. Klein has timed her book to come out the week before the 2014 UN climate summit opens in New York City, and is on the board of 350.org, the group planning the People's Climate March that will greet it. We can only wish her and her fellow campaigners all the very best.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein – review | Books | The Guardian

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