Monday, 22 September 2014

Climate change: the films: showing at Transition Town Exmouth

There are several films out there on the issue of climate change:
Futures Forum: Climate Change: the film

Transition Town Exmouth has got a series of films coming up. Here's the programme:

The world we live in today seems plunged into chaos. Many people are afraid of the future - particularly for the lives of children and grandchildren. Our western lifestyle is built on oil and the rich oil-fields of the middle-east are at the heart of much of this trouble.  Ordinary people like us seem to be mere spectators, but perhaps we could change the world for the better by a shift in lifestyle. 

You are invited to attend three evenings of films and discussions about climate change, organised by Transition Town Exmouth and Glenorchy United Reformed Church, to be held at 7.30pm on Thursday evenings at Glenorchy Church in Exeter Rd. Invitations are extended to Town Councillors, local organisations, and members of Christians Together in Exmouth.

Climate Change has been happening throughout time, but the last century saw a dramatic rise in global warming, and a huge increase in the melting of the ice caps. The vast majority of climate scientists agree that modern human activity is hastening these trends. The international transition movement is responding to this threat by encouraging a simpler lifestyle, and Christian Aid is highlighting the fact that the greatest suffering is being felt first by some of the world’s poorest people.

All these meetings commence at 7.30. and are held on Thursday evenings.

1.      October 9: “An Inconvenient Truth”. This powerful film about climate change was made by Al Gore, the American Senator who nearly became President. It will be followed by a short talk and discussion with Martyn Goss, the Director of Church and Society in the Exeter Diocese.

2.      October 23:  “Hunger for Justice”. A presentation about the story of human relationship with the environment over time, by Revd. David Ireson. This will include information from Christian Aid about the impact on the world’s poorest people.  Discussion groups will follow.

3.      November 20: “Transition around the world” A film by the Transition Movement about positive action being taken in many countries. After a tea break,  we will discuss a variety of topics including; the value of local food, sustainable energy, transition groups and green churches.

Everyone is welcome at these evenings. Please bring friends and neighbours, and share your thoughts on the way ahead for future generations.

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