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Climate change conversation: 'informed dialogue' in Sidmouth: Sunday 21st September ..... press release

The latest Sustainable Ottery newsletter has highlighted the upcoming event in Sidmouth coinciding with the UN meeting in New York on climate change:
Futures Forum: Climate Change: There is a growing recognition that affordable, scalable solutions are available now that will enable us all to leapfrog to cleaner more resilient economies
Futures Forum: Climate change conversation: 21st September ... 12 noon ... on the Esplanade

The event now has a Facebook page:
Sidmouth Sunday Save Our Planet | Facebook

Here is the press release for the Sidmouth event - where the focus is on "informed dialogue":

At noon on Sunday 21st September a Climate Change Conversation is to take place on Sidmouth Esplanade.

One of thousands of events run by hundreds of organisations (Oxfam, Christian Aid, Sidmouth Vision Group, etc.) from Bradninch to New York, London to Blandford Forum, Rio to Glastonbury, Exeter, Bristol and  around the world, the aim is to send a message to the 23rd September emergency climate summit of world leaders at the United Nations.

“In Sidmouth we love island nations especially those who, unlike us, have no higher ground to retreat to,” said sea-level Sidmouth resident Robert Crick, 70.

“At the eleventh hour (11 a.m. BST) Sid Valley residents and visitors from far and wide will start from wherever we happen to be (geographically and in terms of our understanding of this complex but urgent issue) to walk, cycle, paddle-board, skate-board or march to the Esplanade by the Lifeboat station. On the beach we will engage in a climate change conversation from about 12 noon. 

“Over the years Sidmouth organisations have held many meetings and debates and initiated several practical projects; this is a chance to share the knowledge, the questions, the wisdom, the doubts, the hopes and fears of as many residents and visitors as possible.

“At 1.30 the tide will start coming in and all participants can decide whether to sign a petition to our representatives at the United Nations, and what message to send to other sea-level communities around the world where it is not just the tide and the waves that are rising. 

“Some of us may plunge into the sea, or make music or art works or even speeches and plan future events. This is a leaderless open democratic conversation.”

More information is available from:

https://www.visionforsidmouth.org/ (which also accesses SidEnergy and Sidmouth Futures Forum and Sidmouth Science Festival)

LATEST NEWS: By Saturday 13th September over one and a quarter million people had signed the petition, of whom more than one thousand two hundred live in East Devon.

Robert Crick, 01395 519292 or 07808 344227 or RAMCrick@gmail.com

As reported by independent Cllr Claire Wright on her blog:
People concerned about climate change should march on Sunday… in Sidmouth - Claire Wright

There are events happening in other Transition Towns in Devon:
Sustainable Crediton - People's Voice about Climate Change

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