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Knowle relocation project >>> Pegasus meets the public: Wednesday 25th November

The Knowle site has been sold to the retirement home developer Pegasus 
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: contracts exchanged for sale with preferred bidder Pegasus
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: contracts exchanged: >>> "The council's continued commitment to hand over the remaining parkland to the ownership of Sidmouth Town Council."

- on condition that planning permission is obtained, according to the planned timetable:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: timetable may be subject to delay

On Wednesday 25th November, Pegasus will be presenting its ideas to the public as of 2pm at the Woodlands Hotel on Station Road. The full team from the company will be present to answer questions.

Meanwhile, here is some current comment from the Streetlife site:

Pegasus goes into PR mode about The Knowle

Polarising Plebeian  in Sidmouth
I recently saw a team with earth drilling equipment near the council office at the Knowle. They were taking samples to assess the ground for upcoming construction work. When I asked a lady who belonged to the team I was quite surprised that she was very clearly a very well trained PR person, not a construction supervisor or anything. I politely asked what this work is about, but her answers were extremely polished and full of PR jargon, outlining all the benefits of the entire big project which I didn't even ask about.

Pegasus also advertises meetings in town. They call these consultations, as if the outcome could be influenced in any way.

To summarise, the PR machine is in full swing.
Gordonius Maximus
PP are you sure they weren't.................... Fracking................oh what a hullabaloo that would make as a rumour to start up.
What Odds would I get for our Councillors forming a lynch mob to string us up in the Market Square do you think? Evens at worst 1/2 on at best.
Peter S

"Pegasus also advertises meetings in town. They call these consultations, as if the outcome could be influenced in any way"

Do you know this company, have you had dealings in the past, if not then I think it is quite a disingenuous statement, if after a public meeting and they have not taken on any of the majority thoughts / ideas within reason among the audience, quite right say what you have, but as they will wish to employ locally whether individuals, contracts, make some of their new facilities open to the public etc., shouldn't we listen to them first, rather than stir up with non relevant acusations before they even start. 
Polarising Plebeian
I had and still have trouble to understand what you're saying in your 92-word long sentence, seriously. I did try hard.
However, maybe the main point is: Apart from some councillors who happen to be in power, nobody likes the entire project. Is it really so surprising that such company faces opposition before they even start? Why do we need to give them any credit, when nobody wants this to happen.
Peter S
Polarising Plebeian  So let me get this correct, you are saying that whoever legitimately buys an area of land to develop, if you don't like the original owner, the same applies.
Real Sidmouthian
It's happening and no amount of moaning is going to stop it. All the town can do is attempt to get the best out of it.
Don't be silly Peter S- you know this is a special case. Thousands of people marched because they didn't want the Knowle, which was given to Sidmouth UDC and was rightly regarded as "ours", to be sold. Especially at best to allow East Devon to break even over 20 years, at worst to satisfy the ego of the local despot. Its sale will never be popular in Sidmouth.
Peter S

My comments are regarding the new owner of the land, I and others are looking at the future, to get what is best for the area, instead trying to bring back the past which will never happen.
Gordonius Maximus
I don't think anyone is thinking of re-opening the Knowle as an hotel Peter and most Sidmouthians do realise that things move on. As Hibou says the Knowle was given to SUDC and Sidmouth people want to see that the money (or a large proportion of it) for the Knowle is used for Sidmouth ..................note to Stuart, for reparing potholes that DCC are not filling...................back to the money, and not squandered by EDDC on areas other than Sidmouth like the last "Legacy" was.
Peter S
It was for the new EDDC as it was being set up, so on your analogy it belongs to the whole of East Devon.
How did Sidmouth UDC represent the whole of East Devon then Peter? The Knowle was specifically given to Sidmouth for its local government long before District Councils were invented.
Pining Lass
Peter, it belonged to the UDC and was taken over for EDDC.

Are you trying to tell us that the new EDDC took money from all its other districts to pay Sidmouth the going price for an asset which had belonged Sidmouth alone? Or did Sidmouth get reduced rates compared to other areas until the books were balanced?

If not then it is not fair that it is seen as belonging to East Devon.
Peter S
Its the same as any reorganisation it passes on to the new one, its shear fantasy to believe it only belongs to one town, as since it was as you say virtually given, since the inception of EDDC all of East Devon has paid for it.
How has East Devon paid for it? It certainly hasn't paid for maintenance, otherwise it wouldn't be allegedly too run down to repair. And if you are given something then you own it, so I don't understand your logic.

Streetlife | Pegasus goes into PR mode about The Knowle

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