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What would you miss most about Sidmouth?

There's lots 'to miss' about Sidmouth and its environs:
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The Streetlife site has an interesting on-going thread:

What would you miss?

George H  in Sidmouth
If you had to leave Sidmouth tomorrow what one thing would you miss the most about the area, other than friends and family?

I would miss the Byes, it evokes so many memories. Many a happy hour has been spent there over the years, all weathers with the family. Its been a place to have fun but has also provided solace to reflect and soothe when things were a bit hectic.
By the Byes
Certainly one of the main reasons we moved here George - who could not be enchanted with the idea of being able to walk into town via the most beautiful riverside park?
Pining Lass
A difficult one to answer, as it would depend on where one was forced to move to. I say forced as I would never go willingly.

If I did have to go then I think it would be the beach and sea in its many moods that I would miss most.
John A
I would miss the seagulls, without them I would never get to clean the car twice in a day, bless them.
Old Fozzie
All of the above, plus our beautiful views from home. I'd have to be dragged away kicking and screaming...
Sometimes I feel like pinching myself, I feel so blessed being able to live here. Sidmouth fits all the criteria of the place we wanted to live in.
Minnie Mouse
I'd miss the cheery smiles and waves from friends as you pass on the street/byes/seafront, I'd hate to walk down a street and only see strange faces. 
Ann L
I would miss the sea and the Byes and the fantastic view from my garden, but most of all l would the stars, in Sidford a sky so black and a milion twinkling stars.
John A
Let us not forget the international schools with those darling children spreading themselves across the narrow pavements inviting you to tango with the traffic.
Pining Lass
I agree Ann, the night sky is superb here. Even in rural areas in other parts of the country you often find light pollution from large towns or cities some distance away.
there are many things I would miss but probably most of all....... the wonderfully slow pace of life.
I would miss the fantastic display of spring flowering shrubs and bulbs. All those acid loving plants Azaelias, Rhododendrons Camellias, Pieris alongside the daffodils and tulips
A spectacularly welcome sight each spring #heartlifting
Liz H
I would miss the wonderful walks in all directions, and the hills East and West of the town with the wonderful sea views. And the lovely Connaught Gardens and Jacobs Ladder, and the low tides when we get a fantastic sandy beach. And the Strawberry Gothic buildings....... And I know you said "one thing" but I got carried away!

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