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Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth: "We have a golden opportunity to address Sidmouth's future traffic and transport issues which will help improve everyone's quality of life and shopping experience."

There are several transport and traffic issues facing Sidmouth:

Mending roads:
Futures Forum: Getting potholes filled: and asking multinational companies to pay their fair share of tax to make it possible
Futures Forum: Volunteers in the community: 'doing jobs for free' or 'empowering communities to take local action'?

The future of the Mill St car park:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth parking issues: decreasing capacity at Ham Lane
Futures Forum: Sidmouth parking issues: increasing capacity at Ham Lane

The context of the Neighbourhood Plan and developing Port Royal:
Futures Forum: Proposals for Mill Street - Port Royal - Neighbourhood Plan

Futures Forum: Sustainable transport in new developments

Park & Ride/Change:
Futures Forum: A Park & Ride route for Sidmouth >>> Knowle Park to Connaught Gardens
Futures Forum: Is it 'Park & Change' or 'Park & Ride'?
Futures Forum: District Council draft Local Plan: and Park & Change

The Hopper Bus:
Futures Forum: The Hopper Bus >>> a success looking to expand >>>>> But "don't we really need a permanent town bus service?"

Futures Forum: An idea for improving Sidmouth: making the town more pedestrian friendly: press report

CO2 Emissions:
Futures Forum: What to do about car emissions: the West Country

There has been the promise of a Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth for some time:
Futures Forum: Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth: serious incidents at the pinch point at the top of Sidmouth High Street
Futures Forum: Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth

As reported in the Herald in 2011:
Sidmouth set for ‘traffic management’ talks - News - Sidmouth Herald
Vision group’s Sidmouth traffic survey offer - News - Sidmouth Herald
Sidmouth pedestrianisation debate continues - News - Eastern Daily Press

Cllr David Addis of the Town Council has had considerable interest in traffic management:
Cllr D Addis - Sidmouth Town Council
Vision Group for Sidmouth - Transport Action Group
Vision Group for Sidmouth - Transport - news 2008

Cllr Stuart Hughes of the County Council is a crucial lead for this plan:
Stuart Hughes | Democracy in Devon


1. Will continueto ensure your money is spent wisely and protect County services in Sidmouth.
2. Continue to improve and make our roads and pavements safer and uphold measures to maintain and upgrade the network of public footpaths and bridleways in the Sid Valley.
3. Work in partnership with other authorities and organisations in producing a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan and Neighbourhood Plan for Sidmouth and to make our community an even safer place to live.
4. Continue to support all our local schools and youth service thereby affording the opportunity for each child and young person to reach their full potential.
5. Continue supporting Green Close a flagship for care in the Sid Valley and support reablement and independent living for the elderly.

Stuart has set about arranging a round table involving members of local authorities and organisations to look at a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth including possible partial pedestrianisation of the town centre, site/s for Park and Change, safe cycling routes in and around the town, residents parking, waterborne transport etc....
"We have a golden opportunity to address Sidmouth's future traffic and transport issues which will help improve everyones quality of life and shopping experience".

At Monday evening's Town Council meeting
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >>> District Council's 'scoping exercise' to be debated by Town Council >>> Monday 2nd November

... Cllr Kelvin Dent asked Cllr Hughes about progress on the Transport Study for Sidmouth 
- in the context of the debates around Park & Ride, loss of carparking at Mill St and the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Hughes replied by stating that the County Council were keep to develop a Traffic Management Plan - especially with regard to parking.

County officers would begin scoping in Sidmouth - with a view to reporting in 2016.

This would form part of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

And whilst resources were limited, there would be DCC data available to help this process. 

Meeting of Sidmouth Town Council: Monday 2 November 2015 at 6.30pm .

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