Upcycling can initially seem like a daunting concept but there are simple ways you can turn an old piece of furniture in to something really special. As a busy working mum I have no intention of sandblasting down old dressers and turning bath tubs in to arm chairs but here is an example of an easy project that any one can do.
I purchased a roll of chalkboard vinyl from a local discount store for £2.99 and used it to upcycle my daughters old wooden table. After nearly 3 years of daily use it had become very tired looking and the sticker design on top was torn and messy.
In total this project only took me 1 hour and I was very happy with the finished project as my daughter now had a multi purpose table she could continue to use. She can use it as a chalk board as well as a place to do her craft activity’s and because it is wipe clean she can even eat from it.