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SVEAG: an anaerobic digestion project

Following the January meeting of SVEAG 
[Futures Forum: Sid Vale Energy Action Group]
a project for turning waste into energy is gaining momentum:

Energy project is food for thought

A GREEN-MINDED group have launched an ambitious and major project to turn the Sid Valley's leftovers into power.

Profits from the mooted scheme could be spent on community projects and other renewable energy initiatives, say excited driving forces behind it.

Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG) leaders revealed this week how they are at the beginning stages of a plan to install an anaerobic digester - with the aim of reducing food waste locally.

"It is an extremely ambitious task to undertake. However, relishing a challenge, SVEAG is enthusiastically making progress on its biggest project yet," the SVEAG's Joel Venn told the Herald. "The project is a fantastic opportunity to turn waste into a resource, while reducing the community's carbon footprint - benefiting the community, environment, government, business owners, industry and farmers."

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the process by which biodegradable material is broken down in the absence of oxygen.

The products of this process are biogas, digestate and water. Biogas can be used to generate electricity and produce heat, while the various digestates can be utilised as a high quality fertiliser.

Joel said the SVEAG will look to deliver the plans through an Industrial Provident Society or Community Interest Company.

He added: "These are being investigated with the principle aim to maximise benefits to the community. This will be achieved by the majority of profits being spent on community projects and further local renewable energy developments. Besides sustainable income for the community to reinvest, there are many further benefits to the local community. These include energy from a renewable resource, reduced methane emissions, demand for petrochemical fertilisers and nitrate pollution, as well as providing local jobs.

"The AD project will also aim to engage the community with energy issues and waste management.

"Domestic food waste is disposed of by Devon County Council, however, it is more difficult for commercial waste to be dealt with.

"This AD project aims to provide an opportunity for local hotels, restaurants and others with food waste, to dispose of it. The waste will be collected and delivered to a local site, the feasibility of which is currently being investigated."

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Sid Valley Energy Action Group

Welcome to the Energy Group. 
SVEAG aims to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources throughout the local area.

Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG) aims to promote energy efficiency, and the use of clean renewable energy sources throughout the Sid Valley. Our leaflet outlines some of the history and plans of the group.
We will raise awareness and highlight the problems of energy inefficiency and wastage of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment and climate.
We encourage improved energy saving measures wherever possible and are actively supporting local energy production initiatives from clean renewable sources.
We aim to:
  • organise public awareness events to provide practical information and contacts for efficiency savings and renewable energy
  • assist and encourage the community to reduce their carbon footprint and source suitable grants
  • to liaise with like-minded individuals and organisation on energy matters
  • to promote the overall vision of the Group throughout the Sid Valley and surrounding area
  • to provide fun and social events in the course of achieving our overall objectives
Our next meeting is on 11 June. New members are always welcome. Do come along!

Vision Group for Sidmouth - Energy

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