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Mutter's Moor: Trail Rider's Fellowship application to change classification of rights of way: consultation ends Friday 27th Sept

The Trail Riders' Fellowship have applied to change the classification of bridleways on Mutter's Moor to a 'byway open to all traffic'.

The organisation that represents responsible trail riders
Preserving historic, public rights of way for the benefit of all user groups
Working to ensure local councils and highways authorities carry out their statutory rights of way duties

Campaigning for the fair and equitable treatment of all countryside user groups
Lobbying government against the exercise of prejudice in respect of countryside access issues
The Trail Riders Fellowship was established in 1970, since when the organisation has been heavily involved in preserving access to, and helping to maintain standards of, public rights of way throughout England and Wales.
Your support helps us to keep hundreds of miles of historic routes open for use by many thousands of responsible countryside users.
Whether you are a trail rider or simply interested in preserving access to the countryside for all, please feel free to browse through our site for further information

TRF on TV!

The TRF are being featured on Bikechannel TV on Episode 5 of Bikeworld on Motors TV available now on Sky & Virgin. See it on YouTube

Bike World Episode 5 - YouTube
Welcome to the TRF

Devon TRF is all about having fun, enjoying the countryside and meeting new people. Come along toone of our meetings, new members are always welcome.
The TRF is the national, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring 'green roads' by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of green roads foreveryone to enjoy.
Our members do not ride on illegal routes such as footpaths or bridleways. Our members do not ride inconsiderately and do not wish to be involved in or cause confrontation with other countryside users.
We know where to ride legally and hope that you will join us. There are regular days set up for beginners where anyone who is new to trail riding can enjoy riding. We also have ride outs most weekends and some weekdays for all abilities from novices through to expert riders

Devon Trail Riders Fellowship

However, there is considerable controversy about the access of motorized vehicles to 'green lanes'.

What is said about green laners and green laning
 Many websites that you could visit will paint a very black picture about Green laning and Green laners in general. They also seek to set a very bleak future for the environment if Green laners and Green laning continues.
  • Very often these sites will refer to Green laners has 'Off Roaders' and we already know that this term is nonsense, since Green lanes used by Green laners are roads (albeit un-surfaced). 
  • They will also make very bold statements about about the condition of Green lanes. usually stating that they are unusable.
  • They will always place the blame for the condition of the Green lanes on Green laners, yet Horses, People and Agricultural Vehicles get off without being mentioned.
  • They very often generalise when presenting their distorted view of Green laners and Green laning.
The aims of this propaganda, which is largely backed up by spurious conjecture. half truths and outright lies; is too ensure that the picture they paint about Green laners and Green laning is a black one. One which can only be averted if Green laning and Green laners are stopped.

The real reason for closing these roads and stopping the public from having access to them is nothing more than N.I.M.B.Y -ism. Its about segregating and controlling access to public rights of way. So that those chosen few can have access but the general public cannot. Its about local people taking control of public rights of way... and in doing so they remove everyone's right to access.

Green Laning is

Minister presses for 'green lane' curbs on off-road drivers

Curbs on off-road vehicles, quad bikes and motorcycles using bridleways and footpaths in the countryside are to be proposed in the autumn.
Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, wants to prevent motor vehicles gaining access to "green lanes" that have traditionally been used by horses and carts.
The aim is to close a legal loophole that allows historical evidence of use by a horse and cart, or dedication as a carriageway before the invention of the motor car, to be used to make a claim for a byway open to all traffic - which then can be used by modern recreational motor vehicles.
Four-wheel-drive vehicles and motorcycles have caused considerable damage to the 6,000-year-old Ridgeway in southern England and byways and other unsurfaced routes on the Yorkshire moors and other areas of outstanding national beauty.

Minister presses for 'green lane' curbs on off-road drivers - Telegraph

GLEAM - Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement Logo

Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement
Patron: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh KG KT

The pressure group, founded in 1995, which campaigns for changes in the law to stop thoughtless off-road drivers destroying green lanes, and the rights of walkers, riders, pedal cyclists, carriage drivers and the disabled to use them without danger, difficulty and inconvenience.
We have a large individual membership as well as many Parish Councils and conservation organisations big and small, throughout England and Wales. A great many MPs and active members of the House of Lords, of all parties, are Honorary Members.
In 2005, GLEAM founded a much larger alliance, the Green Lanes Protection Group (GLPG), which currently speaks for 21 organisations. Its objective was specifically to improve the NERC Bill and is now to work for its proper implementation. GLEAM continues mainly to assist individual members, and its wider objective embraces also the management of existing rights of way. Since commencement of the NERC Act in 2006, GLEAM and GLPG have worked continuously to assist their respective members together with Defra and local authorities in overcoming the difficulties caused by a radical Act. In spite of the numerous amendments we achieved, the Act remains poorly drafted in places, which has provided a number of contentious issues. The changes have resulted in complex legislation generally, and several guidance papers have been written for the benefit of members, including The NERC Act in practicepublic nuisanceuser evidenceclaim fighting, and enforcement.

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