Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sustainable Crediton

A very active Transition Town group:

Are you concerned about Climate Change? Rising petrol prices?   Rising food prices?   Rising energy prices?  Do you want to know how you could make a difference?

We are a network of local people who share these concerns. Our aim is to raise awareness in our community and also to mobilise action in order to respond effectively and positively to these challenges. Why not join us?
The group is open to all: whether you are a seasoned campaigner or are just beginning to find out how these issues will affect us all, you are welcome to come along and get involved. Together we can start to make a difference!

Crediton Community Energy Company Survey

Download the survey by clicking on this title

Please download the survey , complete it and then email the completed document to
We are aiming to have a meeting for those interested in helping in the autumn.

September Hedgerow

The Garden Hedge in Autumn

Can you identify the different fruits and butterflies? (Hover over them to see their names)

The Community Book Shop and the Credit Union Need YOU!

29 August 2013
Credit Union volunteers
The Autumn's ahead, and with it opportunities to help build Crediton's economy in a sustainable way.

Plough and Share Credit Union's local service point has been offered the chance to open in a new venue, bringing its services closer to those who need them. And it will need more help if it is going to be open in two places in the town.

At the same time Crediton Community Book Shop is near its target of £39,000 needed for working capital, stock, fixtures and fittings and everything else on its shopping list. Then it can start trading. That means it needs to start training the volunteers who will work alongside the new manager to run the shop after the takeover.

Plough and Share Credit Union also offers opportunities for meeting new people and giving them some real, practical help. It has now been running in the town for nearly a year, and is ready to expand, if volunteers come forward.

According to lead volunteer John Skrine: "We've shown that our presence in the town can really boost the ability of this not-for-profit organisation to increase the number of borrowers and lenders who want to support an ethical financial organisation. It also offers an alternative to commercial lenders who charge very high interest rates. And all the money from savers and borrowers stays in the county. "Our volunteers look after the service point for just two hours once a month and help with marketing when they can. They never work alone. As we expand, we need more help."

Retail Questionnaire

28 June 2013
The core group have devised a questionnaire to try and find out how environmentally friendly our local shops are. For instance to what extent are their products sourced from within Devon,  how much of their energy comes from renewable sources, how much packaging do they use and similar questions.  We would like as many shops as possible to fill it in but feel that shops will need help in completing it. So if you are able to help by downloading the questionnaire and taking it along to a shop you use, this would be greatly appreciated and lighten the load on the core group.
If you are able to do this, please let me know and tell me which shops you can take it to.

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