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Red Lion Sidbury: now an Asset of Community Value

Earlier in the summer, a campaign was launched to save the Red Lion pub in Sidbury: 
Futures Forum: The Red Lion, Sidbury

And news is just in that this campaign has gained very important ground:

Important milestone towards community ownership of Sidbury pub

13th September 2013
East Devon District Council has agreed to the request from Save The Red Lion Campaign to list the Red Lion pub in Sidbury village, East Devon, as an Asset of Community Value under the 2012 Localism Act. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Letter Confirming Listing Of Red Lion Pub As An Asset Of Community Value

This letter says it all!
Date:                 12th September 2013
Contact number:   01395 517548
E-mail:               nwright@eastdevon.gov.uk
Direct fax:               01395 517509
Our Reference:     NW/CA003
Your Reference:  

East Devon District Council
EX10 8HL

Mr J Loudoun

Dear Mr Loudoun

Asset of Community Value Nomination/Notice of Sale
The Red Lion Public House – community Asset

With reference to our telephone conversation on Wednesday 11 September 2013, I can confirm that the Red Lion, Sidbury has been listed as a Community Asset with effect of 11 September 2013.

As the asset was already up for sale, the initial moratorium period starts with immediate effect.  As the Red Lion Campaign Group was the nominating body, you have a period of 6 weeks until 23 October 2013, to confirm to me in writing if they wish to be treated as a potential bidder.

If the Red Lion Campaign Group does decide to bid for the property, the full moratorium of 6 months, form 11 September 2013 takes effect.  During this period the owner can sell to the Red Lion Campaign group at any time.  The owner may continue to market and negotiate sales, but cannot enter into binding contract to sell the property until the 6 months has elapsed.  Once this period has passed or the Red Lion Campaign Group has withdrawn from the process, the owner can sell to whomever they wish at whatever price they wish. 

No further restriction of sale can be put on the property for 18 months directly following the period of the moratorium.

Yours sincerely

Nick Wright
Economy Practice Manager
For Head of Economy

Friday, 13 September 2013

Campaign Gets Red Lion Pub Listed As Asset Of Community Value!

Save The Red Lion Campaign is delighted to announce that East Devon District Council has agreed to the request from Save The Red Lion Campaign to list the Red Lion pub in Sidbury village, East Devon, as an Asset of Community Value under the 2012 Localism Act. The District Council’s important decision is a significant one for a rural community in East Devon.
This listing is only the second that the District Council has made and the Red Lion pub now joins around a hundred other pubs across the country which have been listed as Assets of Community Value by their local authorities. This reflects a growing demand by local communities to not only save their “locals” but also for communities to decide what sort of pub they want to have.
Fred Burnett, Save the Red Lion Campaign’s Chair, welcomed the decision saying “This is marvellous news! The fact that East Devon District Council has responded so positively and swiftly to Save The Red Lion Campaign’s request to have the pub listed as an asset of Community Value shows the importance that it attaches to the Campaign’s aim of retaining the pub at the heart of the village”.
The East Devon District Council’s decision is an important first step in Save The Red Lion Campaign’s objective of retaining the Red Lion, the only pub in the village, for the community. The pub’s owner, Punch Taverns put the pub up for sale five months ago. The Campaign was launched in May 2013 in response to the shock announcement that the Red Lion had been put up for sale.
The Campaign now has six weeks in which it has to decide whether it wants to be treated as a potential purchaser of the pub. If the Campaign decides to exercise its right to try to purchase the pub then it would have a total of six months during which to seek to conclude a successful deal. During both this time the pub’s owner cannot sell the pub to anyone other than the Campaign.
John Loudoun, the Campaign’s Secretary said “We are now starting the hard work of using expert advisers to assist us in developing a viable business plan for the pub and we are looking at how we will be able to raise the necessary funding to purchase and upgrade the pub.”
Fred Burnett added “I am confident that if the business plan reflects the needs of the local community then local people will feel confident in investing in this potentially exciting venture. We hope that the pub’s owner Punch Taverns will now talk seriously to us about how we can successfully buy the pub for the community ”.
Local MP, the Right Honourable Hugo Swire, who is also a Patron of Save The Red Lion Campaign said of the decision “I very much welcome this exciting and unique decision by East Devon District Council. I am very much in favour of the Red Lion being retained as a village pub. I wish the Campaign all the best in its attempts to buy the pub for the local community and to ensure that it has a successful long term future”.
“Pubs like the Red Lion are vitally important to keeping villages alive. I look forward to having my first pint what I hope will be the first community owned pub in East Devon”.
The Campaign Steering Group will now need to consider whether it wants to formally be treated as a potential bidder for the Red Lion pub and to start the detailed process of creating a viable business plan, raising the capital required to purchase & upgrade the pub, as well as successfully buying it.
The hard work for the Campaign really starts now! 

CAMRA welcomes first 100 pubs listed as community assets and says “List Your Local!”

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has welcomed the news that Councils have listed 100 pubs as an Asset of Community Value  to stop them being sold to developers, and issued a guide to help communities save more.
List Your Local
By listing a pub as an ACV councils gain the right to refuse planning applications for up to six months if a pub is sold. It also means the local community is told if a pub is sold on.

List Your Local

The 300 Challenge

News: The first 100 Pubs have now been listed as Assets of Community Value in the UK. 
Brandon Lewis, the Community Pubs Minister, announced at the 2013 Great British Beer Festival that 100 pubs have now been given greater protection from being sold off for redevelopment. 
View more on the story here
If you love your local pub and think it adds lots of value to your community you now have the opportunity to give it extra protection from developers and can list it with the Council as an Asset of Community Value.
Under the Localism Act 2011 people living in England can nominate a pub to be listed as an Asset of Community Value. Listing your local as an ACV provides communities with the power to stop the clock when faced with the a pub going up for sale, earning valuable time to explore options for saving the pub.
CAMRA has set the challenge of getting 300 pubs listed by the end of the year. Read on for more detail on what listing means and how to go about it.

Please download our ACV Guide for more detailed information and where to find advice and support.
See below for lots more downloads to help you List Your Local and a step-by-step guide.
If you know about a pub in your area which has been listed or are involved in a campaign to save your local pub please contact campaigns@camra.org.uk and let us know. 

Why List Your Local?

Increasing numbers of local councils are taking into account Assets of Community Value when considering new planning applications against the pub. Listing a pub show the value it has to the community.
Listing your local means property developers who are keen for a hassle free purchase are less likely to show interest.
If a listed pub goes up for sale, its ACV status has the power to postpone the sale for up to six months. That’s just enough time for pub campaigners to gather together a suitable bid to buy the pub and run as community-owned.
Since the Asset of Community Value scheme started in 2012, pub activists have used their new powers to halt the sale of their beloved locals. The Ivy House in London was the first pub to be listed as an ACV and the first which has led to a successful buy-out from the community.  Read more about the Ivy House.
Watch the video about the Save the Ivy House Campaign: 


How do I List my local?

1. First you’ll need to pay a visit to your local council’s website and search for their section on     ‘Assets of Community Value’ or ‘Right to Bid’. Once you’ve found it, download a nomination form. (If your local authority does not have a nomination form available to download, you can use CAMRA’s Template Nomination Form

2. We strongly recommend you nominate a pub as an Unincorporated Group. This is where 21 local people on the electoral register nominate an Asset as any member of the public. This should be done not in connection with CAMRA. This is because CAMRA is an incorporated body. 

3. Complete the nomination form with as much information as you can think of regarding why your local should be listed as an asset to the community. For advice and draft text please go to CAMRA's Community Value Guide.
4. Gather the support of 21 people from the community in favour of listing the pub as an asset of community value. Download CAMRA's 21 Nominee Form (word version) to help gather this.  Each name must be registered to vote in your local authority (on the electoral register) and from a different address.  
5. Submit the completed form to your local council - you can check your council's website for guidance explaining how they are accepting nominations.  

Any questions on nominating ACVs please call the Government-funded Locality advice line on 0845 345 4564 or email CAMRA's Campaigns Team on campaigns@camra.org.uk

For more detailed guidance on the Community Right to Bid Legislation and subsequent Asset of Community Value Regulations please see the Government's Advice Note

Please also find a link to the detailed Government Regulation in full.

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