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Get your turkeys here: Riverwood Farm

A message from the Sidmouth Farmers' Market:

Hello to all and Merry Christmas

In January (Saturday 11th) the Community Market will be changing its name to Farmers Market to reflect the nature of what is being sold. We are trying to support small local producers and would encourage any who wants to sell at the Market to get in touch. 

This month we would like to focus on Riverwood Farm. Jan rears poultry and pigs on woodland near to Escot. He also sells eggs. There are always sausages to sample at the market.

Riverwood Farm raise traditional bronze turkeys and Guinea fowl locally in mature deciduous woodland where they live on natural food. This varied diet gives the bird an enhanced taste compared to free range birds raised on a consistent diet of grower’s pellets.

When old enough the turkeys and Guinea fowl are left to wander the mature woodland, in plenty of space. The birds are under stocked which improves health & wellbeing. For the traditionalists the Bronze turkey is the perfect Christmas dinner but not everybody wants a large turkey so the Guinea fowl is a great alternative being much smaller, typically only 1.5 Kg’s (2 to 3 llbs). Turkeys range from  4.5 to 9 Kg’s (10 to 20 llbs) in weight. 

Bronze free range woodland Turkeys £10/Kg (£4.54 / llb)
Free range woodland Guinea fowl £9.50/Kg (4.31 / llb )

Christmas Turkeys and Guinea fowl still available.

To order your birds you can ring 077147 38384 or go to the website www.RiverwoodFarm.co.uk

Hope you can come to the January market.

Animal welfare is the highest priority of our venture. The stocking rates are under-stocked, meaning that our livestock have space to roam free, for a non-intensive farming method. This means happy unstressed animals.

To avoid the use of unnecessary farm inputs, hay is grown without the use of pesticides or any artificial fertilizers, then bailed and stored on the farm where it is used as a food supplement during the winter. We believe these traditional farming methods have a lower environmental impact but are still effective for today’s food production. It allows our farm livestock and the wildlife to live in harmony.

Hedge-cutting is undertaken infrequently, maximizing the potential for wildlife. Fencing is kept to a minimum of 1 meter from the edge of each hedge to offer sanctuary to wildlife. A range of traditional English trees have been planted alongside mature trees including beech, oak, horse chestnut and sweet chestnut. In autumn the falling beech mast, acorns, conkers and sweet chestnuts can be given to the animals, all of which helps to keep farm inputs at a minimum. The fallen timber is left to rot, which supports a healthy insect population, including rare hornets.
The banks of the River Tale are left with wide borders to leave good habitat for wildlife. Eels can be observed swimming up river. (Read more about our mission to reduce farm inputs.)

With more consideration being given to food miles and animal welfare the local abattoirs used are both less than 5 miles away, meaning a journey of under ten minutes when the time comes.


Our turkeys are raised in their natural habitat, woodland. This allows them to revert back to the natural instincts of scratching around the woodland floor looking for food. This varied diet gives the bird an enhanced taste compared to free range birds raised on a consistent diet of grower’s pellets. A varied diet means less farm inputs.
They are under stocked which helps to keep the birds happy and healthy.

Top quality local meats delivered in a box scheme delivery service.
Finest quality local meats from our Riverwood farm in East Devon, delivered in our East Devon area box scheme.

Riverwood Farm producing Quality meat and livestock for the South West

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