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Save Our Green Spaces... and sustainable development

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Futures Forum: Save Our Green Spaces: event Sunday 1st December 
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Save Our Green Spaces : East Devon Alliance represented at first national network conference today.

1 December

The Save Our Green Spaces National Network was launched just outside Bristol today, Sunday 1st  December 2013, at a  first FreeNational Conference bringing together groups from across the UK. 
The network aims to bring together groups and campaigns from around the country which are trying to protect green spaces for future generations.
In 2008, with the reality of the RSS (Regional Spatial Strategies) looming, South West SOGS was formed bringing together a number of communities each campaigning to protect green spaces in their respective neighbourhoods.  Together it helped galvanise support across the South West of England and generated over 35,000 objections to the RSS.  Now it wants to create  a nationwide voice.  
SOGS is a non membership organisation, which aims to unite campaign groups around the country by providing enquirers and browsers with access to each others’ web site and campaign information.  It will be a source of information about national planning news and events.  It aims to be a first port of call for any future group who need help and advice about setting up their own campaign and will provide information about other groups in their area who are campaigning.   
A report from the East Devon Alliance representatives who attended today’s launch , will follow shortly on SIN.  (More info meanwhile  at http://www.saveourgreenspaces.org/ )

Save Our Green Spaces : East Devon Alliance represented at first national network conference today. | Sidmouth Independent News
Save Our Green Spaces

National network of campaign groups launched today in South West.

Save our Sidmouth is now linked with similar campaign groups across the UK, thanks to the new Save Our Green Spacesnetwork. Guest speakers at the first conference held today, included the Chief Executive of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England,Sean Spiers; Chair of the All Party Interest Group on Green Belts, Chris Skidmore MP; and Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for NE Somerset.
Opponents of EDDC’s plans for a large out-of town business park, with possible retail, at Sidford Fields, will be interested in how the new network defines sustainable development: it means “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.
More details posted on the SIN blog today, will be followed there shortly by a full report on the conference.

National network of campaign groups launched today in South West. | Save Our Sidmouth

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