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"Whatever Happened to Community?" part three: Reconstructing Community

Following on from the analysis in parts one and two on Radio 4:
Futures Forum: "Whatever Happened to Community?"
Futures Forum: "Whatever Happened to Community?" part two: Nostalgia
the last of the series this evening looks towards the future:

Reconstructing Community

Episode 3 of 3

Giles Fraser has left a glittering job as Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral and is now working as the priest of a run-down parish in Elephant and Castle. This has set him thinking about the nature of community, which he investigates in this very personal series.
In this final programme he asks what lies at the heart of community. Is it possible to intervene to make communities stronger?
Giles visits the RSA project in Bristol, Social Mirror. Its aim is to combat a growing plague of loneliness, especially amongst older people. Gaia Marcus, who runs the project, believes that a lack of social connectedness can impact heavily on mental health, well-being and life prospects. Social Mirror offers 'social prescriptions' to people visiting their doctors' surgery - including bingo, walking, tai chi, gardening and drama - forging links between individuals and building social networks.
Social geographer Jane Wills explains the role of social organising in strengthening communities. An idea born in America and made famous by Barack Obama, it is gaining currency here.
David Goodhart from the think tank Demos and Frank Cottrell Boyce, who scripted the opening ceremony of last year's Olympic Games, discuss the role of national identity.
And, in an increasingly secular age, Giles asks theologian John Milbank and priest and broadcaster Richard Coles whether there still a role for the church in building our communities.
BBC Radio 4 - Whatever Happened to Community?, Reconstructing Community

In Sidmouth, the Churches are still very active in the community:
Religion & Spirituality for Sidmouth

As are women's groups:
Sidmouth WI - Sidmouth, United Kingdom - Non-Profit Organisation | Facebook
Sidford WI - Home

And there are many other social groups active in Sidmouth:
Social Groups Sidmouth

There are community centres:
Stowford Rise Community Centre

There are places for young people:
Sidmouth Youth Centre - Devon Youth Service

An excellent place for the on-line Sidmouth community:
Sidmouth news, views & business listings from Sidmouth's Community | Sidmouth People

And an interesting national group interviewed in the programme:
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Finding The Right Funding For Small Businesses - Forbes
Retirement homes shortage is the next housing crisis | Housing Network | Guardian Professional

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