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The Future for Health in Sidmouth: Health Centre

Dr Mike Slot of the Sid Valley Practice took part in the Futures Forum meeting on health:

Tony Gold pointed to an apparent contraction between dementia care in the home and institutionalising dementia sufferers. Dr Mike Slot responded by stating that the former Stowford dementia centre could be bought by the Partnership Trust to act as a hub and that he hoped there would be more facilities to give carers some respite. Paul Whitehead pointed to the new hub in Budleigh which was cutting new ground – and Mark McGlade reiterated that this offered both dementia sufferers and their carers a facility ‘fit for purpose’.

Concerns about how Lay Members of CCGs and PPGs simply ‘went along’ with the decisions of professional members of liaison groups were expressed, but Geoff Butler said they were unfounded. Dr Mike Slot agreed, saying that whilst the PPG had been supportive of the Sid Valley Practice, it had always been questioning and challenging – as having the lay perspective was very important. Di Fuller reiterated that members of the public were welcome to become involved in the PPG.

Futures Forum: The Future for Health in Sidmouth: report

The Practice held a 'summit' at Stowford  earlier in the year:

Future provision of local healthcare services in Sidmouth – come and have your say
It is increasingly important to provide our patients with high quality, local services to reduce their need to travel to the acute hospital in Exeter.

So, we need to ensure that services are designed to meet local need.

From October 2015 our contract with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust to provide community services such as Sidmouth Hospital, district nursing, community physiotherapy is due for renewal.

By the end of this year we need to decide exactly which services we want provided in the future and how they are run.

For us to make sure these services match what local people need we are holding a health summit at Stowford Community Centre, Sidmouth, on Tuesday 30 July from 7.30pm.

At the summit we will explain a little more about what we do and what we need to do. We will also ask you for your thoughts as we want to involve you when deciding the future contracts for your local health services. We all know resources are not unlimited and we need to choose the most appropriate priorities for our local area.

We are keen to hear from all of you, young or old, about how our health services can be designed and planned for you and the next generation, so please come along to the health summit.

Best wishes,

Dr Mike Slot
GP at Sidmouth Health Centre
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This follows on from having to make difficult decisions about the future of the Practice:

Doctors support Stowford redevelopment option

Sunday, July 29, 2012 
SIR - Re: Stowford and the proposed closure of Sidford Surgery
It is common knowledge within the town that the premises which Sid Valley Practice currently reside are the most undersized in East Devon, especially the Health Centre.
There have been many attempts in the past to upgrade the premises, the most recent being a proposed redevelopment with the Devon County Council owned library. This was originally sanctioned by the Library services in the past but was subsequently rescinded.
The opportunity to develop the Stowford site has arisen and this offers us the chance to upgrade and improve our premises to the standard which is now required for general practice. We want to offer a first-class service and require top-quality premises in order to provide this.
The Care Quality Commission guidelines ( CQC ) loom in the future and these will dictate the standards of premises for the purpose of General Practice and it is likely that if we do nothing we will potentially fail current standards and regulations.
To undertake a redevelopment we have to have the support of the Primary Care Trust ( PCT) and the provision of a ‘cost rent ‘ which allows us to borrow money independently to finance the project. We fortunately, currently have the backing of the PCT and therefore the provision of the cost rent, however, this will be withdrawn unless it is used within the near future and may never be available again, with the proposed dissolution of the PCT.
We have the full support of the Patient Participation Group who are campaigning with us to improve all services hopefully resulting in a brand-new state-of-the-art Health Centre at Stowford Rise.
What is essential, however, is that we have the support of the majority of patients in the Sid Valley.
We therefore have to make some difficult decisions: it is clear that there can be only two surgeries in the Sid Valley area and the most logical solution is to redevelop Stowford and maintain and hopefully upgrade the Sidmouth Health Centre but sadly close Sidford.
It is clear that some people will be inconvenienced by this arrangement but it is hoped that many more will benefit from the modern premises which are now essential to general practice.
We would welcome comments and feedback from all those patients who support and oppose this proposed development but hopefully it will proceed for the benefits of the patient’s of the Sid valley.
On behalf of all the GPs had Sid Valley practice
Doctors support Stowford redevelopment option - Letters - Sidmouth Herald

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