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A new plaque for the historic ginkgo in the Knowle park ..... 12 noon Monday 12th January

At midday on Monday 12th January, there will be a small 'ceremony' to replace the plaque for the over-fifty-year-old ginkgo in the Knowle parkland - planted by the then-chair of the Sidmouth Urban District Council.

Below is the press release from the Friends of the Byes who have been working with the Sidmouth Arboretum and other groups on tree projects in the Sid Valley:

New sign for Ginkgo in Knowle

In 1954 after an advert was placed in the Sidmouth Herald, Sidmouth Men of the Trees was set up after a meeting. The founder of ‘Men of the Trees’ was internationally renowned Richard St Barbe  Baker who visited Sidmouth during these formative years. Richard was a keen naturalist travelling the globe inspiring tree planting and protection of the natural environment.

Men of the Trees went on to be renamed International Tree Foundation which is still very active today.

The gingko tree was donated to Sidmouth Urban District Council by Sidmouth Men of the Trees and was formally planted by the then Chairman of SUDC Arthur F White during his period of office 1969 to 1971.

Arthur’s son Graham White still lives in Newton Poppleford and is keen to see the plaque replaced. “This is an important part of both Sidmouth’s and my personal heritage.”

The photos attached were taken back in 2010, as the plaque was on its last legs.

The last 40 years has seen the plaque deteriorate, to the point where it has recently been removed.

Local Tree enthusiast and chair of the Friends of the Byes Michael Horsnell would like to renew the Plaque.

He says “It will cost between £40 and £50 and it would be great if the renewal of the plaque is a community effort, so we hold on to this important part of Sidmouth’s history.” He is inviting locals to help with the costs by sending a small donation to Friends of the Byes who will then pay for the plaque.

If you are able, please send a cheque to: Friends of the Byes, Sally Atkinson FOTB finance secretary, 17 All Saints Road, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8ER

The Friends of the Byes, have overseen 1000’s of hedging, tree saplings and specimen trees being planted along the Byes, including a community Orchard.

Lastly these are some links to the Friends of The Byes Facebook Page where you can peruse some photos.

All photo albums: 

Knowle Ginkgo at Sidmouth Arboretum Launch: 

The Ginkgo Biloba Presented by The Men of the Trees Planted by Councillor Arthur F White Chairman Sidmouth UDC Knowle Gardens. Guided Tree walk with EDDC Tree officers David Colman and Stuart Baker together with EDDC Parks manager Mark Pollard — in Sidmouth10 May 2012 · 

2 of the 5 new Ginkgos Friends of the Byes have planted in The Byes. These are at the Hunters Moon Hotel entrance:  

1 of the 5 new Ginkgos Friends of the Byes have planted in The Byes. This was up at Lymebourne bend, but was washed away in last Saturdays floods, we will be replacing it:  

1 of the 5 new Ginkgos Friends of the Byes have planted in The Byes. This is in Sid Meadow, near the bridge: 

The Ginkgo at the Knowle 2010: 




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