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Climate change: and Exeter University

The coming Climate Week in Sidmouth will be featuring an evening with Dr Ewan Woodley of Exeter Univerisity:
Futures Forum: Climate Week in Sidmouth ... “Someone must do something" >>> Dr Ewan Woodley of Exeter Univeristy >>> 'Climate change, natural hazards and public understandings of risk and resilience.' >>> Wednesday 4th March at 7.30pm

The University is an international centre of research and teaching in several areas of climate change studies -right across all disciplines:
Climate Change and Sustainable Futures - University of Exeter

Climate change and sustainable futures

Climate change is one of the most significant phenomena of the 21st century, needing a truly interdisciplinary approach to tackle the issues it raises. With strong links to the Met Office and diverse expertise encompassing mathematical climate modelling, ecosystem responses, mitigation technology and socio-economic impact and adaptation, we are uniquely positioned at the vanguard of climate change research.

Futures Forum: The University of Exeter... and Climate Change

And there are all sorts of specific projects going on:
Climate change impact - Environment and Sustainability Institute - University of Exeter
Facing climate risks - Research at Exeter - University of Exeter
Water, climate change and sustainability | Engineering | University of Exeter
Research news - Carbon stored in the world’s soils more vulnerable to climate change than expected - University of Exeter
Research news - Working together to promote greater resilience to flooding - University of Exeter

The University is working with other bodies on such projects, including at the Exeter Science Park:


Climate Change and Sustainable Futures

Climate Change and Sustainable Futures is based on the axis of the Met Office and University of Exeter which between them contributed more authors to the 2010 UN Report on Climate Change than any other city in the world.
Key disciplines are concerned with modelling climate change and predicting its impact on ecosystems and human health, plus the support of new technology for addressing man-made drivers of climate change, notably in areas of tidal and wave power generation.
The University of Exeter Climate Change and Sustainable Futures group is a multidisciplinary community of around300 academics, research students and support staff.

Work focuses on the following interdisciplinary areas:
  •     Improving predictions of climate change
  •     Climate change impacts on ecosystem services
  •     Climate change impacts on human and animal health
  •     Earth system science
  •     Public responses to climate change
  •     The politics and policy of climate change
  •     Technology for mitigation and adaptation

Climate Change & Sustainable Futures | Research | Exeter Science Park

The Vision Group has hosted several events over the years with the University 
- including the Science Festival:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth Science Festival: Mon 13th - Sun 19th October

But perhaps most significant is that several of the members of the UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are from Exeter University:
Arts and Culture » Face2Face with Climate Change

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