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House of Commons report: "Tourism grows at a faster rate than other industries"

Tourism is the most important industry in the West Country:
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The problem seems to be, though, that the District Council isn't really interested:
Is tourism important to East Devon District Council? | Sidmouth Independent News
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Here is comment from the area's largest employer, speaking as part of an East Devon delegation to the House of Commons:

Ms Stuart (Stuart Line Cruises) informed the Committee that Exmouth had won an award for the best value family coastal resort. Stuart Cruises now operated all year round. The Exe was the top river in the country for wildlife and attracted visitors in winter. Other people were starting to realise the potential for winter activity. She felt that many people in the meeting seemed to be against tourism, when in fact there was great potential which went undeveloped.

House of Commons - Communities and Local Government Committee - Second Report

And here is further comment from the country's oldest civic group:

East Devon's countryside is an asset and not, as described in one part of the LDF, "undeveloped land". It is a farming asset and a tourism asset providing an essential part of the AONB. As such it needs stronger protection by EDDC rather than the bringing forward of new plans for its "development".

Plus more observation at:

The EDA blog has picked up a new report and comments on the District Council's attitude to the tourist industry:


January 4th, 2015

So why does East Devon District Council airbrush it out of their targets?

Soon, with our concreted countryside we will have nothing for tourists to visit us for.

But we will have plenty of industrial sheds and (non-affordable) houses made of ticky-tacky.

And can anyone track down anything meaningful (or indeed anything meaningful at all on any subject) by our “tourism champion” Mrs Kerridge?

This is from today's WMN:

Tourism growth outstrips rival sectors

By Western Morning News | Posted: January 04, 2015 By Graeme Demianyk

Tourism has grown faster than rival industries in the last five years to help drive Britain out of the economic mire.

The holiday industry is arguably the most important to jobs in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, though critics claim the Government is failing to support the sector to fulfil its potential.

Research by the House of Commons library has revealed tourism grew by 14% per cent between 2008 and 2013 at the same time as the contribution to the economy made by other sectors slumped. Economic output, measured by GVA, was up by £7 billion to £56 billion in 2013 compared to five years earlier, with the “Olympic effect” caused by the 2012 London games helping fuel the boost.

By contrast, retail grew by a slower rate of 12% in the same period. Mining, finance and insurance, construction and manufacturing all witnessed a decline.

Ministers have been accused of not doing enough to support tourism despite the industry supporting more jobs than the car industry. In June, Labour peer Lord Harrison told the House of Lords said tourism employs 3.1 million people, the third-largest employer in Britain, and provides more jobs than the car industry that received Government bail-outs when the industry hit the rocks.

The Government’s tourism strategy, which was launched in 2010, opted against re-arranging the bank holidays to boost domestic tourism despite being the most eye-catching potential change.

Critics have warned cuts to tourism board funding means Britain’s investment in marketing holidays pales compared to rivals across the globe, and proposals to push the clocks forward an extra hour to net £4 billion a year have been parked.

The House of Commons Library report, which analysed official figures, stated: “In 2013, the economic output of the tourism industry in the UK was £56 billion. Over the past five years, output from the tourism industry has grown considerably in the UK, from £49 billion in 2008 to the current level, a 14% increase.

“This growth mainly occurred in 2011 (9% growth compared to 2010) and 2012 (5% growth compared to 2011). This suggests a possible ‘Olympic effect’. The tourism industry barely grew at all in 2013 compared to 2012.

“The parts of the tourism industry that have seen the biggest growth have been the food and drink serving industry, which contributed 1.3% growth out of a total of 4.9% growth in 2012 compared with 2011. Other sub-sectors which saw strong growth were the accommodation industry and the sports and recreational activities sector.

“Tourism has grown more quickly than other industries since 2008.” Over this period, tourism grew by 14% between, more than retail (12%) but significantly less than the real estate industry which grew by 30%.

It added: “In 2013, there were 2.8 million people employed in tourism industries in the UK. This was 9% of UK employment. Employment in tourism has grown by 5.4% since 2009, compared with 2.8% growth in total employment."

Tourism growth outstrips rival sectors | Western Morning News

Here is the original report from the Commons and Office of National Statistics:
Tourism grows at a faster rate than other industries following the recession of 2008 - ONS

Tourism - Parliament UK


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