ScreenHunter_1086 Dec. 31 11.36A group of Clyst St Mary residents have joined forces to campaign against current and future proposals to build hundreds more dwellings in and around our village. We fear such proposals will destroy the character of the village, overwhelm  the infrastructure and ultimately turn Clyst St Mary into another bland suburb of Exeter.
We are not against sustainable, proportionate and well planned development. The80 new houses already approved in the Parish Plan fit into this criteria. However, there is now a rush by various developers to build as many houses as fast as possible without it appears any overall plan or proper consideration of the long term impact on the area.
Clyst St MaryIf you share our concern we would welcome your support; the more people who voice their objections the greater our chances of succeeding. The purpose of this website is to provide a platform where residents can read about the planning proposals, share information and pledge their support for the Save Clyst St Mary campaign.
With deadlines for written objections due soon, this site is being put together quickly. It will be improved and developed as our campaign gains momentum. Your suggestions and contributions are all welcome.