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Recycling and Refuse in East Devon >>> fortnightly collection of AHP to be part of upcoming trial

There has been considerable concern about the District Council's latest proposals for the handling of waste:
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And last month there was a lot of debate on Streetlife:
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A fortnight ago, the issue was raised at the District Council- with a very positive outcome:

Cabinet 15 July 2015 

Jo Firth stated that the Overview committee had a remit to look at council initiatives before final decisions were made and if necessary to test public opinion. 
She had asked the Overview committee to look into the collection of Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) within the scope of the Recycling and Refuse trial being undertaken in Feniton and Exmouth. She asked that Cabinet direct Overview to review the Recycling and Refuse contract to accommodate this additional waste collection. 
Cllr Iain Chubb responded that at that day’s Recycling and Refuse Partnership Board’s meeting, proposals for a fortnightly collection of AHP had been discussed to be part of the upcoming trial.

EAST DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL Minutes of the meeting of Cabinet heldat Knowle, Sidmouth on 15 July 2015 

This is a fuller report from the EDA website:

Press release: Victory to a determined lady!

Absorbent Hygiene Products
After a graphic presentation to East Devon District Council, Jo Frith a local Sidmouth Resident told councillors what she thought on the proposed 3 week collections being trialled for Waste Collections. This would mean not only children’s nappies but also AHPs (Absorbent Hygiene Products) would only be collected once every 3 weeks.
Jo boldly stood up in front of District Councillors and explained that this taboo subject of adult incontinence which most people are reluctant to talk about are used by an estimated 34% of the adult population especially the old and infirm.
Jo, secretary and supporter of the “East Devon Alliance” who recently supported Independents to stand as District Councillors had already support from the 15 Independents to push for a better collection service, but within a week of meetings and discussions councillors from all parties and officers agreed that a fortnightly collection had to be offered to local residents.
Jo Frith said:
I would like to thank all those of you who have fought alongside me, to get EDDC officers and Councillors to recognise the importance of helping local residents deal with the issue of Absorbent Hygiene Products as part of recycling.
I particularly wish to thank those Councillors at the Waste Management Board meeting last Wednesday who debated the matter at great length.
We have achieved a trial in Feniton and Exmouth that will include fortnightly collection of soiled absorbent hygiene products (nappies, tampons, sanitary towels and light incontinence pads) separately from the general waste collection. This is important because the collection of “wheelie bins” is likely to be reduced to every 3 or even 4 weeks!
It isn’t perfect: we haven’t got anywhere as far as I know in getting EDDC to consider recycling the AHP into high quality plastic pellets and fibres for cardboard; the collections will be incinerated. Also, I would prefer a weekly collection, but it is a start.
Jo Frith
Cllr Geoff Jung (Independent Councillor for Raleigh Ward) and a member of the Waste Management Board said:
I very much appreciate Jo`s input into this important issue, I had no idea of the scale of the problem. It’s an embarrassing and taboo subject, and to explain in great detail the scale of the problem to a room full of councillors took courage. Thanks to her I hope the residents within the trial areas will find the trials a great success.
It was wonderful to see all Councillors from all parties, officers and representatives of the Waste Company, all united!”
Cllr Geoff Jung, Waste Management Board
EDDC is looking for ‘Recycling Champions’ in Feniton and Exmouth (The Colony) to assist council officers and help them with the introduction of the trials by giving feedback throughout. If you’re a keen recycler, living in the trial areas and you’re interested in helping out, please contact their recycling team on 01395 571515.
A Council spokesman said that helping the residents adjust to the collection changes was their top priority.
Residents in the trial areas will now be able to recycle:
  • Cardboard – Printed card, egg boxes, inner tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls, brown cardboard boxes, card from packaging such as toys and electrical goods, all cardboard food packaging (cereal packets, cardboard sleeves)
  • Mixed plastics – Margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots and food packaging such as meat and veg trays
  • Plastic bottles – Milk containers, drinks, cleaning and product bottles
  • Textiles – Clothes, sheets and blankets, curtains and towels
  • Glass – Glass bottles, glass jars
  • Household batteries
  • Paper – Newspapers and magazines, bagged shredded paper, junk mail/envelopes, writing paper
  • Metals – Food and drink cans, pet food cans, foil wrap and trays
  • Empty aerosols
  • Food waste  –  Fruit and vegetable peelings, cooked food, uncooked food, meat and fish, plate scrapings, tea and coffee grounds, cat and dog food.

Press release: Victory to a determined lady! | East Devon Alliance

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