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'Save Exmouth Seafront' group launched >>> complete the survey by Saturday 5th September

There has been a lot of anxiety over the future of the seafront at Exmouth.

There was the issue of Elizabeth Hall:
Exmouth's Elizabeth Hall demolition and Premier Inn build approved - BBC News
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Unnecessary, unwanteddevelopment of the Exmouth Esplanade

There is the issue of the beach huts:
EDDC cabinet set to approve demolishing beach huts at Exmouth, this evening - Claire WrightDespair of Exmouth beach hut owners who'll see huts flogged to highest bidder | Exeter Express and Echo
Futures Forum: The East Devon beach hut story: very much in the news

And now there is the issue of the 'Splash' development on Queen's Drive along Exeter's seafront:

Developer unveils £18m seafront plan

26 July 2015 David Beasley

exmouth seafront

Luxury flats, shops, eateries, a multi-screen cinema and a new Harbour View Café and coastwatch tower could all be built on Exmouth seafront.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has unveiled £18million plans to develop the nine acres between the old Lifeboat Station and The Maer. EDDC says the draft plans, by Bournemouth-based Morai Capital Investments, will create 175 jobs and boost Exmouth’s economy by £4million a year. The proposals also include an outdoor water splash zone, ‘adventure’ golf and ground-floor restaurant and cafes.

Three apartment blocks are proposed, with flats variously on the first and second floors. Their sale would pay for altering the direction of Queen’s Drive, which would make space for a watersports centre by Grenadier Investments. The sale would also pay for a car park where Exmouth Amusements is now sited. The amusements centre was one of the leisure facilities that EDDC last year said would not have to move. The Journal this week asked district bosses how many flats could be developed as part of the proposals, but a spokesman said the “initial plans” were not final and would “evolve over the coming months through work with the community”. However, the Journal believes the graphics indicate that the largest, ‘S-shaped’ block would be around 140 metres long and 90 metres wide.

Seafront traders have been told they can trade until September, with building work on both the car park and road set to begin soon after.

Cllr Andrew Moulding, chairman of Exmouth Regeneration Board, said: “The proposals are very much in their infancy and there will be more work to do with the community and Moirai to ensure that we can achieve something that works for all ages.”

Martin Barber, chairman of Moirai, said: “The scheme will provide investment, employment and better facilities for the local population. The scheme will be designed in such a way that it will complement the watersports centre [which will be built nearby].”

Exmouth councillor Mark Williamson backed moves to ask residents their views over the summer.

However, Cllr Eileen Wragg, a Lib Dem member of EDDC’s cabinet, said: “I’m concerned about the location of flats in a vulnerable area. Two years ago, we saw storms wash away the ice cream kiosk, which was only metres away. I have lived in Exmouth all my life and I have never seen the water come up that far.”

These plans have now been challenged:

Action group launched to ‘save Exmouth seafront’ from £18m development

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: August 31, 2015

‘Save Exmouth Seafront’, has been formed by concerned residents from Exmouth and the surrounding area to oppose East Devon District Council’s regeneration proposals for the seafront.

A new action group has been launched to ‘save’ Exmouth seafront from developers who plan an £18m redevelopment that will see some of the town’s oldest most popular businesses close.

‘Save Exmouth Seafront’, has been formed by concerned residents from Exmouth and the surrounding area to oppose East Devon District Council’s regeneration proposals for the seafront.

In place of the Railway Carriage Café, the Harbour View Café, the Fun Park, DJ’s Café, Jungle Fun and the Crazy Golf Course there is set to be a multi-screen cinema, an outdoor water splash zone and an adventure golf park along with a seafront restaurant, ground floor cafes with outside seating in the open space areas and a ground floor retail area.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) are behind the development which will see Moirai Capital Investments of Bournemouth putting forward proposals to “breathe new life into the nine–acre council-owned seafront site at Queen’s Drive with a range of exciting leisure facilities.”

Some of Exmouth’s town councillors have expressed reservations when the plans were originally put forward and the traders whose businesses would be demolished are equally concerned. The town council refused to back the scheme in 2013 when it first came up, while earlier this year Dawn Hirst of the Harbour View Café and Chris Wright of the Fun Park both demanded answers to the question mark hanging over their businesses.

Other residents have hit out at the plans with the ‘Save Exmouth Seafront’ group gathering public opinion during the last few weeks through its Seafront Survey, which will be analysed after the closing date of 5 September, with results presented to the Town and District Councils.

Chairperson Roger Thomas says “The change from a well known and much used leisure area, loved both by residents and holiday makers to one of a commercial and residential nature is not an appropriate development for this part of Exmouth seafront, which is a unique asset and should be preserved as such.” Adding: “We are determined to oppose any such development to protect the seafront.”

The new group will hold a public meeting in the near future to open up the discussion and to consider future actions.

A planning application for the developmentwill be submitted later this year. EDDC said that the existing tenants on the Queen's Drive site have been informed of the news and can trade until September 30 when work will commence shortly afterwards.

Action group launched to ‘save Exmouth seafront’ from £18m development | Exeter Express and Echo
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To complete the survey by 5th September:
The Splash- Exmouth Seafront Survey

Here are the proposals from the District Council:
Regeneration projects in Exmouth - East Devon
Exmouth vision - East Devon
Exmouth Masterplan - East Devon

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