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The closing date for the planning application at Knowle has closed - although there is still time for consultees to comment:
16/0872/MFUL | The construction of an assisted living community for older people comprising extra care units, staff accommodation and communal facilities, including a kitchen, restaurant/bar/cafe, a well-being suite comprising gym, treatment rooms and pool, a communal lounge and storage facilities; car parking for residents, visitors and staff of the assisted living community; comprehensive landscaping comprising communal and private spaces; and associated groundworks. | Council Offices Knowle Sidmouth EX10 8HL

There have been several comments on trees - most of them objecting to the way in which the development would seriously impinge upon the parkland's specimens.

This comment is from the Sidmouth Arboretum:

Comment submitted date: Wed 15 Jun 2016

Sidmouth Arboretum object to the application by PegasusLife for the following reasons:
The height and mass of the proposed buildings threaten the visual amenity and established character of the Knowle area. The building work would threaten the health and longevity of a number of trees on the sloping ground, and would seriously detract from the appreciation and enjoyment by residents and visitors using the Sidmouth Arboretum Tree Trail through the park and gardens.
Diana East
Sidmouth Arboretum

16/0872/MFUL ...
Sidmouth Arboretum

... and from the Futures Forum of the Vision Group:

Comment submitted date: Wed 15 Jun 2016

Planning Application: 16/0872/MFUL

8a - Contrary to policy D1 - Design and Local Distinctiveness:
for the following reason:
1. The proposals would "adversely affect: Trees worthy of retention".

8b - Contrary to policy D3 - Trees and Development Sites:
for the following reasons:
1. There will be "net loss in the quality of trees".
2. The development will not "deliver a harmonious and sustainable relationship between structures and trees".

The Comment from the Council's Tree Officer of 24th May contains several "reservations" and concerns about certain "issues": 16/0872/MFUL ...

In particular, the Arboriculturist Report from Pegagus Life [document number 2267375: page 5] refers to "the root protection areas RPA and Construction Exclusion zones CEZ": planningapps.eastdevon.gov.uk/Planning/lg/GFPlanningDocuments.page

This puts at risk the mature trees Graded A such as 53, 54 and 76, which actually need further protection. In conclusion the "Dell" section of the development is too close to these trees. 

Jeremy Woodward
On behalf of the Futures Forum of the Vision Group for Sidmouth
14th June 2016

16/0872/MFUL ...
Vision Group for Sidmouth - VGS Futures Forum - final comment on Knowle planning application

The rather baffling ‘support’ comment from the Devon Gardens Trust

Comment Date: Mon 06 Jun 2016

Thank you for consulting The Gardens Trust on the above application which
affects The Knowle, an historic designed landscape included by the Devon
Gardens Trust on the Devon Gazetteer of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic

... contradicts the line the DGT took three years ago:
EDDC reject Knowle Planning Application | Devon Gardens Trust

And yet the other consultees concerned with trees have their reservations, including EDDC Trees and the Landscape Architect: 

Comment Date: Wed 15 Jun 2016

Due to the above raised comments the current scheme is unacceptable in landscape terms, please consider revising the scheme to include a less extensive building form which responds better to its setting (views and presence of tree canopies) and allows for its designed landscapes to be enjoyed by the general public. More detailed suggestions on how to mitigate the above considered impacts can be found within the detailed reviews.

If planning approval is granted the following should be conditioned:
- Hardworks Layout and specification
- Softworks layout and specification
- Details of finishes to retaining walls
- Tree pit and hedge planting details
- Construction detail of no dig zones in root protection area
To ensure the scheme complies with policies D1 and D2 of the EDDC Local Plan

16/0872/MFUL ...

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