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Sidford business park >>> "EDDC have manufactured a case for an employment site based on an erroneous assumption."

The Chair of SOS was interviewed yesterday morning by Simon Bates on BBC Radio Devon:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park >>> SOS chair to be interviewed on Friday's BBC Radio Devon breakfast show

Here is the audio of the interview:
SOS Interview - BBC Radio Devon - 3 June 2016
BBC Radio Devon - Simon Bates, 03/06/2016

As the Chair said: "EDDC have manufactured a case for an employment site based on an erroneous assumption."

> Sidmouth does not need 1300 new jobs:
Futures Forum: The current state of employment land sites in the Sid Valley

> Especially warehousing jobs:
Futures Forum: What is the difference between a 'business park'... and a 'retail park'... Part Two

> The site is subject to immense flooding:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park... and flooding: "Right now there are more questions than answers about how the new climate change guidance is going to be implemented. But be aware: this guidance is already a material consideration for all new planning applications and therefore, a valid reason for planning objections."

> It's in an area of AONB:
Futures Forum: District Council draft Local Plan: and the AONB

> There are serious traffic issues:
Futures Forum: Sidford plans in detail

The Inspector has indeed accepted the 'need' for an employment site at Sidford:
Futures Forum: East Devon Local Plan >>> Sidford business park to remain >>> "The future of Sidmouth in terms of employment is looking considerably brighter."

However, that need not prevent questions being raised:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park >>> planning application plans >>> "The inclusion of this land in the Local Plan does not mean that all other considerations of its suitability can be overridden."
Futures Forum: Sidford business park: and Alexandria Rd business park and the Local Plan >>> so many questions and so few answers
Futures Forum: Questions remain about the Sidford business park

These points have been raised on the Streetlife social networking site - for example:

Tony G - a day ago

It's worth recalling that East Devon District councillors voted virtually unanimously for this site to be removed from the draft Local Plan just before the council elections last year (a coincidence surely!)

They seem to have woken up to the fact that a special site, rich in rare wildlife, in the AONB, on a flood plain, served by a road that is only 4.8 metres wide in places might not be ideal for a business park.

In an act of heroic incompetence EDDC planners failed to give the Inspector responsible for judging the Local Plan any evidence to justify their recommendation to remove the site, so naturally he left it in the final version.

It will be a clear travesty of democracy if a local businessmen is able defy the clearly expressed wishes of the representatives of the people of East Devon because of a bureaucratic bungle!

Streetlife | Sidford Employment Land

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