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Making it Local: funding for East Devon businesses

The County provides a lot of help for new businesses:
Futures Forum: Devon Funding >>> free support for business

The District Council does likewise - through its Making It Local scheme:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and East Devon District Council helping local rural businesses to apply for £1.4m in EU funded grants

Welcome to Making it Local!
Great News! Making it Local is open, we are accepting new enquiries and applications.
The Priority 1 budget to support increases in farm productivity and the Priority 3 budget to support rural tourism are now fully committed We cannot accept any new applications under these priority.

£1.4m secured to award to projects in the 
Making it Local area!

The Making it Local, Local Action Group (LAG) is working with local people and businesses to develop opportunities for improving the rural economy and quality of life for people living and working in the area through a targeted grants programme called LEADER.
Our area is based on the parishes of the Blackdown Hills and East Devon AONBs and the surrounding gateway market towns.
Our overall aim is to use the outstanding environmental quality and local human potential as a ‘springboard’ for sustainable economic growth.

Making it Local - Home

The following grants are now available:

2. Support for Micro and Small Businesses (nonagricultural) and Farm Diversification 
Funds under this priority will be used to provide grants for: 
 Developing or starting rural micro and small businesses; and 
 Farm diversification projects for example, contracting services 
Who can apply? 
• Micro & small businesses based in rural locations, including social enterprises 
• People who want to start a business that is in a rural area 
• Farming businesses that want to diversify (expand into non-farming activities)

4. Provision of Rural Services 

These grants are for projects that aim to alleviate some of the difficulties faced by rural communities, particularly the lack of access to services and the provision of infrastructure. Projects should make a contribution to growing the local economy. The could include the development of community buildings, public spaces, or cultural tourism amenities. 
Who can apply? 
• New or existing micro or small businesses; 
• Rural community groups; 
• Public or private entities working in partnership with small and micro business and rural community groups

5. Support for Cultural and Heritage Activity 
This focuses on the promotion, enhancement and maintenance of cultural heritage assets and events where this promotes growth in the tourism economy and: 
 Creates a sense of local identity through raised awareness of their importance; and/or 
 Helps protect cultural heritage features against damage and degradation. 
Who can apply? 
 Landowners 
 rural communities

6. Support for Increasing Forestry Productivity 
To deliver permanent new supply chain and jobs that, at the same time, restore regular management to local woods and encourage a greater degree of added value to the timber output. 
Who can apply? 
 Owners of private forest holders 
 small and medium-sized forestry contracting businesses

Making it Local - Priorities

There are similar schemes available through the East Devon AONB:
East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Sustainable Development Fund

Recently, the Axewoods Coop received substantial support from the District Council for its pioneering work:
Futures Forum: Axewoods cooperative > managing woodlands for woodfuel

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