Thursday, 15 December 2016

The future of Sidmouth's hospital and care services >>> "looking at the statistics for over-85-year-olds, Sidmouth needs to retain its hospital beds"

Tomorrow, the NEW Devon CCG will be offering drop-in sessions to consider its proposals for health care in Sidmouth:
Futures Forum: The future of Sidmouth's hospitals: 'Your Future Care' roadshow comes to Sidmouth: 2.30-4.30pm Friday 16th December at Kennaway House

Sidmouth has an ageing population which is also growing faster than the national average, increasing future demand for health and care services.

These are the findings of the latest Public Health Devon Report:

Devon Overview

Devon is the third largest county in England, covering 2,534 square miles. The county has over 750,000 residents, with a higher proportion of older people than the national average. It is also one of the most sparsely populated counties, with few large settlements and a dispersed rural population.
The current Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Devon overview was published in September 2016 and provides a summary of health and wellbeing needs across the Devon County Council area. It contains a range of information about health and the factors that influence the health of the population from a range of sources.
Full Document: JSNA Devon Overview 2016
Online Version: JSNA Devon Overview 2016


The main health and wellbeing challenges identified in Devon in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment are:
  • An ageing population which is also growing faster than the national average increasing future demand for health and care services

Devon Overview « Devon Health and Wellbeing

If we compare populations:
> East Devon 138 100; Mid Devon/Tiverton area 79 500
> Over 65 years ED 41.200 (30%);  Mid Devon 18000 (22.7%)
> Over 85s averages - UK 2.56%;  Devon 3.79%;  ED 5.17%; Sidmouth 11.30%
An observer comments:

Compared with the nucleus wards at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital, Sidmouth's hospital will offer far superior quality of accommodation and nursing care.
Surely it is better and cheaper to decant patients at the expensive RD&E to the local inpatients' facilities as soon as possible.
Attempting to send frail patients out to non-existent community services will lead to yet more bed-blocking.

See the over 85 stats to see why Sidmouth needs to retains its beds.

Because Sidmouth is facing a 'demographic time bomb':
Futures Forum: East Devon's demographic time bomb  >>> "the District Council has a duty to create balanced communities"
Futures Forum: Brexit: and a shrinking population in Devon
Futures Forum: Sidmouth's ageing population: "Without urgent investment in coastal communities, some areas will struggle to retain the working age families needed to fuel the economies of towns dominated by old people’s homes."
Futures Forum: East Devon's population

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