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Devon County Council elections: the issues > environment

The environment is clearly an issue at County level:
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Futures Forum: Devon County Council elections: the issues > flooding

The cabinet of the Conservative-dominated County Council has been persuaded by an Independent Councillor to adopt a robust motion defending the environment:
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So, what are the issues around 'the environment' at County level?

The Council runs 'Natural Devon' - which covers a multitude of these issues:
State of the Environment | Local Nature Partnership

The County council's press releases are not as PR-focussed as those coming out of the East Devon council:
News centre | Devon County Council

And many of them cover 'the environment' in one way or another:
Be ‘tick aware’ this Spring | News centre
County Council sets out highway maintenance programme | News centre
Health check reveals concerns for farming industry | News centre
Ruthless fly-tipper jailed | News centre

Central government politicians have made their way to these parts to make a point:
Watch as the environment minister sieves for nerdles at Croyde - Breaking news & sport in Devon | North Devon Gazette
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Meanwhile, this is what Devon politicians are saying about the environment:

I shall both support and promote measures that will improve the safety, environment and quality of life for residents. The Woolbrook 20mph zone has seen a reduction in vehicle speeds and the Toucan Crossing on the A375 Sidford Road which I called for as part of the Long Park to the Byes 106 funded Cycleway has benefited ALL cyclists, pedestrians and those with mobility scooters in reaching the Woolbrook Centre and the Byes.
Climate change poses the greatest threat to Sidmouth and further erosion in the vicinity of Pennington Point/Alma Bridge will leave eastern town exposed to flooding from a severe south easterly storm. I shall continue to raise this issue and press for the earliest implementation of a much needed coastal protection scheme through the Beach Management Plan...

I have already given the go ahead for necessary approvals to be sought for the replacement Alma Bridge which is the lifeline for those who live on the east of the Sid and is our Gateway to the Jurassic Coast...
Pedestrianisation (full/partial) and Park and Change are two issues that I shall continue to champion the cause for and which featured in the Vision Groups 'Vision for Sidmouth' document. These two measures go hand in hand towards providing a quality shopping experience for local residence and visitors alike by removing vehicles from the town centre.

Stuart Hughes - Devon Conservative

Protect the natural environment
Follow the lead of the Devon Wildlife Trust and others to ensure that we maintain stewardship of our precious environment and its wildlife
Maintain the existing nature reserves and seek ways to protect wildlife and habitats
Consider proposals for a new National Park, including consideration of the need to maintain sites of European Environmental Significance and their interest features in an ecologically robust and viable state
Ensure that environmental legislation is scrupulously observed in all planning applications
If you want to ensure a balance between necessary development and conserving the beauty of our East Devon landscape and AONBs for future generations:

Reminder: Our Aims - Environment « East Devon Alliance

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