Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Solar power, hydro power, bagel power

The 10:10 campaign group bring together all sorts of success stories around how we can address climate change:
Futures Forum: Climate change: climate hope
Here's their latest newsletter:
This month at 10:10 - a new campaign for solar power, getting pelted by rain in Bethesda, and beer made out of bagels

What we've been up to...

A new campaign for solar power

We’ve just launched an exciting new solar campaign! Inspired by a great story about how the musician Prince used to buy solar panels, we’re raising £50,000 to turn six inspirational organisations solar. There are community gardens and centers, helplines, food banks and dance initiatives - all in the name of making the world a better place.
Give some solar today!

Battling the elements in Bethesda, Wales

Dan and Emma took a trip down to Bethesda, in North Wales Wales, to visit the hydro station that powers the Energy Local trial in the village. It was absolutely bucketing down - they got pelted by rain, buffeted by the wind, and nearly fell into the river multiple times - perfect weather for producing clean, renewable energy.
Check out our interview with Keith, from the National Trust, who own the hydro station.
Watch us shout over a roaring river

Seeing the bagel, not the hole

Esther’s been a busy bee. She’s been producing two Climate Hope videos shining a spotlight on a couple of our favourite organisations: The Edinburgh Remakery, which is fighting waste by teaching people to fix their stuff, and Bagelman, who are turning leftover bagels into beer.
(Their beer is called Optimist. WE LOVE IT.)
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What we’re into...

Fossil fuels: a thing of the past

Esther’s excited about the UK’s first coal-free day in nearly 200 years - since the Industrial revolution!

The National Grid has confirmed that for 24 hours on the 21st of April, all of Great Britain’s energy needs were met without the need for coal generation.

Read about it here
Cyclist with a pollution mask. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Keeping an eye on the election

Like loads of people, we've been preoccupied with UK politics news after the snap election was called. While everyone's still working out how and where climate change can play a role in this election, we've been following the controversies around clean air policy closely.

Saving coal-ravaged worlds

Kris has been playing The Path to Luma on the commute to work. To save the planets in the game, you must find and connect solar panels, wind turbines and hydro stations to the grid. With enough clean energy, the planets brighten - water flows, deer leap over grassy knolls, and gnomes come out to play - and come back to life!
According to our work experience student, Ruby, it's "a fun, free, environmentally friendly game where you get to save abandoned planets in the galaxy using renewable energy!”

Join the fun and download it too!

What you can do...

Our Prince-inspired solar fundraiser is getting some serious traction - we’ve been featured in Timeout, and news of our campaign has reached across the pond to the distant shores of the USA!
So far, we’ve raised £8000 - enough to put a solar array on the rooftops of one of our organisations. Can you help us hit our next thousand by the end of this week?
We’re submitting a consultation response to the government next week, demanding greater clarity around their planning regulations for onshore wind.

Our response is the last big policy push under the current government (who knows what changes next week’s snap election will bring?) and an important chance to push for vital planning changes to unblock onshore wind.

Support our work...

We're on our way to a cleaner, cleverer, low carbon world, and everyone deserves a chance to help build it. 10:10 creates those chances - but we need your support to make sure everyone is involved.
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