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PLASTIC ATTACK! >>> trying to get the message across to supermarkets about plastic waste

In April, there was a series of events across Ireland:
Futures Forum: "Shop and drop" day of action at Irish supermarkets > Saturday 21st April

At the same time, shoppers in Bristol staged a similar action: 

'Plastic attack' packaging protesters hit Tesco near Bath

27 March 2018

Shoppers at a branch of Tesco have staged a "plastic attack" to protest against excessive packaging on groceries. A group of about 25 customers at the supermarket in Keynsham, near Bath, ripped the wrapping off their goods and left it at the tills.

Tony Mitchell, who organised the protest, said "three huge trollies" were filled with discarded plastic.

Tesco said it was "absolutely committed to reducing plastic packaging".

After completing their weekly shop, the protesters paid for their groceries before taking scissors to the plastic packaging and leaving it behind for the store to deal with.

'Waitrose next'

Mr Mitchell, said the group had been a "bit apprehensive" but the response from supermarket staff had not been at all "hostile".

"The manager was there and he was being distant but friendly and, from what one or two people said, he sort of agreed with this," he said. He added the group was not "picking on Tesco" and would be hitting the local Sainsbury's and Waitrose next.

"We'll certainly be doing the other supermarkets in the town which have not been making as much effort as they might have done," he said. "And I personally will be quite happy to just strip my plastics off and drop them into a trolley but I'm not lacking in confidence that way."

A spokesperson said: "We're absolutely committed to reducing plastic packaging and would be happy to meet with these local campaigners as we develop our plans to make all our packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025."

'Plastic attack' packaging protesters hit Tesco near Bath - BBC News

It's happening everywhere now - with these happening this last month:
‘Plastic attack’ protest in Hong Kong to target packaging for food in supermarkets that activists consider excessive | South China Morning Post
Plastic attacks hit Swiss supermarkets - le news
‘Plastik attack’ protest comes to Montreal | Montreal Gazette

Whether such actions will be happening more locally, we shall have to see...

With this happening in north Devon a few months ago:
Anti-plastic protesters unwrap plastic packaging at the checkout - Devon Live

And this in Bristol a few days ago: 

Shoppers demand Tesco cut plastic packaging and protested by leaving it behind

2 days ago


Shoppers demanding Tesco use less unnecessary packaging staged a 'plastic attack' - by stripping their groceries of it and leaving it for the store to clean up. 

The unusual protest involved 40 shoppers going to the branch of Tesco in Keynsham, near Bristol, and cutting through the excess packaging after doing their shopping. 

The activists left the packaging in shopping trolleys and lined up outside the shop to show that food can be taken home without creating more waste. 

Kathy Farrell, 63, took part and said the store would have to pay to dispose of the plastic.

Shoppers demand Tesco cut plastic packaging and protested by leaving it behind - Video Dailymotion

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