Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Drill Hall, the Folk Week and a plea for archive material

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Here is the latest newsletter from Rescue Sidmouth Drill Hall:

As a tangent to the Drill Hall

Dear Friends,

As you know the Drill Hall was used for dancing during Folk Week as well as at other times, and the Folk Festival would be keen to use it again if possible. 

If we are to save the Hall we need to be able to show people things not just tell them, so I am always on the look out for old photographs and would love to find archive footage of the place being used. Many, many people dismiss the Hall purely because of what they see of it from across the road. They don't know it has a basement, and they assume the inside matches the outside which of course it does not. I am still working hard to make sure I have as much information as possible to throw into the pot when EDDC make their move.

So far it has seemed that people were generally like me, they went to things to participate not to make records of them; but I have recently heard of a local film maker who is trying to make a film of the evolution of the Festival, and the footage he has may include Drill Hall shots. I will be pestering him to take a good look!

So this email has two aims

1) It is yet another plea for you to pester your friends and search your attics for photos showing the inside of the Drill Hall, or the outside if you are someone who has access to images of Port Royal pre 1931. (1931 was when they changed the outside of the Hall to its current utilitarian look.)

2) To make you aware of Paul Tully's film in case you can, or want to, supply him with help to get it made. He has a CrowdFunder campaign running until the end of this month and the page is very informative about what he is doing and why.

Still no news about when the Drill Hall will come to market.

kind regards, Mary 

At a tangent to the Drill Hall
Rescue Sidmouth Drill Hall - Sidmouth Drill Hall Rescue

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