Saturday, 27 July 2013

East Devon Alliance

The EDA's website has been launched:

Bringing together the people of East Devon

Our legacy, your heritage.
EDA Home
What is the East Devon Alliance?
1. The EDA is a voluntary, non-party political organisation, uniting communities from across East Devon. Our aim is to conserve, for future generations, our priceless environmental assets inherited from the past. At the same time we support appropriate development for housing and employment, especially for local people, so that East Devon remains a flourishing and vibrant place.
2. We aim to cooperate with Parish, Town and District councils, and other bodies, to achieve what is best for the community as a whole. By sharing information, experiences and insights from all over the District, we hope to have a valuable perspective to contribute to these bodies. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that we have councils that are open, democratic, accountable and willing to engage.
3. We want to ensure that policy, particularly planning policy, in our District balances necessary economic development with the safeguarding our unique environment and heritage, which, apart from its other benefits, is a major economic asset. It is especially important to preserve the 60% of the District designated as ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ from the threat of inappropriate development.
4. We may engage in campaigns at the district, regional and national level, should we feel that such engagement is in keeping with the values and objectives outlined in this document. We may ask candidates for election to local councils to sign the ‘EDA Charter’.

The EDA is often cited in the news:

The council is inviting representatives from around East Devon, to join councillors and senior officers for a special event where they’ll hear more about the council’s objectives for the project and can talk about any decisions made by the Cabinet.
Among those invited to the event on 26 July are representatives from Chambers of Commerce, community organisations, neighbouring local authorities and pressure groups including Save Our Sidmouth and the East Devon Alliance.
Knowle’s fate to be debated next week - News - Sidmouth Herald

East Devon Alliance member Mike Temple warned the cabinet that the bills for other councils’ relocation plans had skyrocketed.
EDDC revives plans to leave Sidmouth - News - Sidmouth Herald

Would you agree that the damage done to the reputation of this Council, by the ‘Councillors-for-Hire’ revelations in the Daily Telegraph in March, was severe and should be urgently addressed? If so, could you please explain why approval for a ban on councillors acting as agents for developers has been postponed until Full Council in October, whereas restrictions on councillors using social media has been fast-tracked for consideration this evening?
Shouldn’t the priority have been the other way round, as what brings a council into disrepute is what the council leadership does and has done, rather than comments by councillors pointing it out?
Jacqueline Green, an East Devon Alliance supporter, was obliged to pause in mid-question, to ask if the Chief Executive would do her “the courtesy of listening”. Councillor Diviani  avoided addressing the matters highlighted, by simply saying that he could not comment on the Telegraph article “as there is an on-going police inquiry”.
Another Question to the Leader at Full Council, 24.07.13 | Save Our Sidmouth

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