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Sidmouth Arboretum: Tree Survey: starting this month

Following a lot of interest and public goodwill in the Arboretum's tree survey:
Futures Forum: Arboretum: Tree Survey: "It will give us all an unparalleled understanding of the current value of Sid Valley trees, including their potential for mitigating climate change."

And following last weekend's final training - the survey will be starting in earnest this month:
Sidmouth Arboretum - News

Sidmouth Arboretum – the country’s first civic arboretum – is measuring the benefits and true value of the trees in Sid Valley. Established in 2010, the Arboretum is not restricted to a single site but incorporates the whole of the parish – including trees on both public and private property.  They now working with Treeconomics utilising the i-Tree Eco software system.
To assist in planning for the future, to know which trees to plant and where, the Arboretum will work in partnership with Treeconomics to train volunteers to identify and assess the health of Sidmouth’s trees.
By measuring the structure and composition of Sidmouth’s trees we will be able to calculate their benefits, such as how much pollution they filter from car exhausts or how much carbon they store. We can then put a value on this benefit or service which really helps make a case for further investment in trees as they really do make our towns better places to live. Furthermore, by capturing baseline data we can demonstrate priorities to be set for future ecosystem decision-making.
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Eleven Year 10 Gifted & Talented Geography students had the exciting opportunity to take part in an international tree survey in conjunction with Sidmouth Arboretum today.

The results ... See more

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Arboretum’s tree survey boosted by grant

Handell Bennett hands over a cheque to Diana East for the Sidmouth Arboretum at St Johns international school. Photo by Terry Ife. Ref shs 4274-17-14TI To order your copy of this photo go to www.sidmouthherald.co.uk and click on myphotos24
Handell Bennett hands over a cheque to Diana East for the Sidmouth Arboretum at St Johns international school. 
Photo by Terry Ife. 
Thursday, May 1, 2014
1:00 PM
SIDMOUTH Arboretum is growing from strength to strength – after being awarded its third grant from the Keith Owen Fund.

The £3,930 will help pay for a tree survey, an annual Tree Day on June 28 and the planting of new trees.

Sid Vale Association leaders who administer the money have now handed the cause more than £12,000 since it was launched in May 2012.

The Reverend Handel Bennett, chairman of the Keith Owen Fund, said: “The benefits of trees will be felt by all of us. The arboretum is becoming a valuable asset in our community, and will help our tourist economy by attracting more visitors.”

The arboretum’s Diana East said: “We are fortunate in having the support of the Keith Owen Fund which targets voluntary groups. In particular those which include within their aims, conservation, environment and the local landscape. Working together we can maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the valley for future generations.”

The arboretum has produced a Tree Trail of significant trees in the town – and recently expanded the initiative to Sidbury. Another is set to follow in Salcombe Regis.

The arboretum committee is undertaking a valley-wide tree survey involving students from Sidmouth College and St John’s School.

Arboretum’s tree survey boosted by grant - News - Sidmouth Herald

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