The People's Climate March was a defining moment for the climate movement - an estimated 40,000 in London, 400,000 in New York and many more thousands around the world show that people are not prepared for politicians to stick their head in the sand.

But we must keep the pressure up for climate action. Planning is getting going for 7th March 2015! On this date, two months before the UK General Election, we will be taking to the streets of London with our allies in a march to remind politicians that they have no mandate for climate-wrecking business as usual! Join blocs which together tell the story of climate change: from the causes (fossil fuels and investment in them), the consequences (for food and water, for example) and the solutions (renewable energy, climate jobs, better transport). Following imaginative actions to highlight these, we will all assemble around Parliament for a mass wake-up call - Time to Act!