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Transition Exeter: join in the Fiesta Solidaria: "creating new earth-sustaining economies": Thursday 11th December

Transition Exeter are doing a lot of things around 'economics':
Futures Forum: "New Local Economies" > all day event in Exeter > Saturday 7th February
Futures Forum: An Exeter Pound: the Positive Money campaign comes to Transition Exeter: Thurs 27th November
Futures Forum: An Exeter Pound: What came first: money or debt? ......... David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5000 Years"

... but it doesn't have to be too dry: why not have a party at the same time:

Fiesta Solidaria

Jay Tompt and Inez Aponte of Transition REconomy and 'Well and Good Project' tell illustrated stories of communities creating new earth-sustaining economies in many countries.  Music and info on the latest local Transition news to follow. Bring family and friends.
Please bring: Contribution of food, and anything you'd like to drink.
Matthew's Church Hall, Exeter, 8pm 
Time: Thursday, 11 December, 2014 - 20:00

This is the press release:

       1 December 2014: Immediate
Fiesta Solidaria
Thursday December 11th 8pm (Doors open 7.30)
St Matthews Church Hall
Summerland Road, Exeter EX1 2LJ

A party and shared feast will be held by Transition Exeter on Thursday December 11th to celebrate innovative community economic projects in many countries, including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Japan and the UK.  Inez Aponte, facilitator and storyteller, and Jay Tompt, green business consultant, both from the UK, have founded the Well & Good Project which aims to spread innovations in community-led economics, based on genuine human needs and wellbeing. 

Over the last few years they’ve been travelling to offer training courses and workshops in social and economic regeneration with community groups in many countries across Europe. Now they are bringing back the stories.

They emphasize the current wave of new economic thinking, which seeks to promote equality and inclusion, respect for the Earth’s natural limits and care for the health and wellbeing of current and future generations.

On Thursday December 11th Inez and Jay are inviting people to celebrate the inspiring community action they’ve witnessed on their travels.  It's an opportunity to come together, share food and drink, enjoy local musicians, gain inspiration from the countless ordinary people making the world a better place at this very moment.

The “Fiesta” will also reflect stories of economic innovation in Exeter, including the Exeter Pound project and Exeter Community Energy Company. Bring food and drink to share (or donations).

Further details, Contact Gill Westcott
0137 284 3245/01647 24789
0779 232 73255

Inez is available for interview by phone from 2nd December            07906 262301             

Inez Aponte is an experienced facilitator who has been developing participatory learning processes in the context of social change for the past 15 years, working with communities in many different countries as well as with a range of organisations such as WWF, The Soil Association and Transition Network. She is currently co-organising Devon's first Land Conference.

Jay Tompt is a green/ethical business consultant, blogger and activist who also delivers workshops and study tours with Big Green Canoe and the Well & Good Project.  He is a co-ordinator of the REconomy project Totnes,  advancing a broad relocalization agenda and challenging conventional models of economic development.  He is also involved in a number of economics related projects with TTT and the REconomy Project including the Local Economic Blueprint and the Local Entrepreneur Forum.   He helped to start up the Transition Free Press, and is a contributor to the Social Reporting Project.

Fiesta Solidaria | Transition Exeter

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