December's theme is 'Less is More'

 Street Art by Martin Whatson
This month, as much of the world goes into consumerist melt-down, we're looking at how less can be more, how simplicity can enrich us, and the delights to be found in the things that don't carry a price tag. 

The Transition Interview: Douglas Matthews

Douglas Matthews
The past, with less material goods than today, was more miserable and unfulfilling, right?  Well, not necessarily.  What was it like?  Here we share an interview done in 2008 with someone who was, then, 99 years old - farmer Douglas Matthews.  

Latest Transition Culture blog post

Exactly a year ago today I wrote a piece on this blog called The day I closed my Amazon account.  It set out why, and how, I had decided that Amazon was so at odds with my values that I was withdrawing my support for good.  It turned out to be the most popular thing I wrote that year....

What is Transition?

This film looks at Transition in the South West of England:

Featured project

Transition Town Dordrecht recently held a Repair Cafe, which made it onto their local TV station.  Here they are:

One Minute Review

Here we review books and films in a way that'll take you less than a minute to read.