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Totnes REconomy Project ... and Atmos Totnes

The REconomy project has already been featured on this blog:
Futures Forum: Localism and local prosperity
Futures Forum: The New Economy in 20 Enterprises report released

This is their home page:

Transition groups (and others) are already running brilliant, inspiring projects and enterprises that 

create new livelihoods, and show new ways of providing essential goods and services. We’re here 

to help you get started on your own activity – find your interest area below…

Bristol Bike Project

Inspiring enterprises

Interested in starting a new Transition-oriented livelihood or business? Here are some inspiring ideas and pointers towards support.
bristol pound notes

Economic enablers

Examples of important projects and activities that provide support and infrastructure to help new and existing local businesses thrive.
Leadership group

Leadership projects

Want to change the whole system? Here’s help to make a case for change and build local partnerships to create shared vision & strategy.


Transition Totnes has its own REconomy project:


The work of the Totnes REconomy Project is manifold. It is harnessing the community’s huge potential for creating local prosperity. It is providing structures within which economic growth can be stimulated. It is supporting the creation of community resilience and wellbeing, in ways which are equitable and which benefit the natural environment.
The purpose of the Totnes REconomy Project is to establish opportunities for the community to build up economic resilience by utilising its rich store of existing resources and capabilities. A community which can satisfy many of its own needs for livelihood and wellbeing is a resilient community.
A new economy needs strong foundations. The Totnes REconomy Project has been working hard to put them in place. The REconomy Centre is a supported workplace where people can create new businesses or expand existing ones. The Local Economic Blueprint identifies the enormous potential for doing so. The Local Entrepreneur Forum is bringing together innovators and investors.
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For more information, email info@transitiontowntotnes.org or call 01803 867358.

Totnes REconomy Project - Transition Town Totnes

A very inspiring programme is the REconomy Project Local Entrepreneur Forum:

Local Entrepreneur Forum marks new economic era for Totnes

Published on: April 12th, 2012 
entrepeneursWednesday March 21st, marked the first day of spring and ushered in a new economic era in the Totnes area with the first annual REconomy Project Local Entrepreneur Forum. The civic hall was packed with over 100 attendees, including entrepreneurs, investors, and other catalysts for starting new social and sustainable enterprises, all looking to learn, make new connections, and take steps toward realising their goals.
The event got off to a stimulating start with a Rob Hopkins welcome that included a pitch for Atmos Totnes, a brownfield redevelopment campaign led by TTT. Four speakers followed, each contributing to the themes of the morning: new economic models are needed, they must be community-minded, and there are example of projects that could work right here where we live. Read more of Jay's blog here... or Rob's blog

REconomy project event - YouTube
Local Entrepreneur Forum Marks New Economic Era for Totnes - Transition Town Totnes

A particular project set up by REconomy Totnes is the inspiring Atmos Totnes:

be part of the story

Latest Atmos News

Dairy Crest’s Duncan Good on Atmos: “I’m staggered by the response”

Duncan Good of Miles Commercial Investment, who represents Dairy Crest, called in to the Atmos Totnes Hub last week to meet with some of the Totnes Community Development Society team.…

Matthew Monaghan on working behind the bar at the Social Club

Matthew worked behind the bar at the Social Club for 3 years, and his dad worked on the Unigate/Dairy Crest site for 30 years.   Here he shares some memories…

How was it for you? Comments from the Visitors Book

Since the Atmos Totnes Hub first opened, we have kept a Visitors Book.  Over 1200 people passed through the Hub, and many of them left their ideas, thoughts and comments.…
What is Atmos Totnes?

What is Atmos Totnes?

Imagine a hub that is the heart of a new economy for Totnes and further afield, a food entrepreneurs’ school, affordable housing, a business incubator, a living, breathing taste of sustainability in practice, rising from the ashes of the derelict Dairy Crest site.  We want to make that happen …
How You Can Help

How You Can Help

… but we can’t do it without you.  This is a community campaign, and as such it needs your support.  There are all kinds of ways you can get behind this, and we are grateful for any support you can give.  Together we can make something extraordinary happen at the heart of Totnes.
Jacqui Perks

Atmos Voices

We go out and about in Totnes to ask local politicians, shopkeepers, taxi drivers and anyone else who’ll stand still long enough to talk to us why they think Atmos matters and what their visions are for the site.  Each voice is captured in a podcast, just click on them to hear what they have to say (new voices added every day).

Atmos Totnes - Bringing the former Dairy Crest site into community ownership

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