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Honiton and Ottery St Mary >>> calling upon residents to 'shape the future' with Neighbourhood Plans

Most East Devon towns and communities are initiating their own Neighbourhood Plan process:

> Lympstone
> Exmouth
Futures Forum: "Speeding up the time it takes to designate a neighbourhood plan area"

> Axminster
> Ottery
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plans for towns in East Devon: Axminster and Ottery St Mary

> Newton Poppleford
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plan @ Newton Poppleford this evening: Monday 11th November 8pm

> Beer
Futures Forum: Beer Community Land Trust

Meanwhile, the Ottery and Honiton plans are forging ahead:

HONITON: Council calls for community to help shape town’s future

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 by Jack Dixon

MEMBERS of the community are being urged to play their part in shaping Honiton’s future by getting involved in an ambitious town council project.
The first steps will be taken towards producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the town this month, and residents can have their say at a series of consultation events taking place next week. 

The town council will be asking local people ‘what sort of town they want to live in’, as part of a long-term project to develop a planning blueprint for Honiton.
The project could take between 18 months and two years to complete, and the plans will ultimately be put to residents for approval in a local referendum.
A town council spokesperson said it was important that as many people as possible play their part in the development of the plan. 

“Although the town council is the body responsible for producing the Neighbourhood Plan for Honiton, it can only do this if the whole community gets involved”, the spokesperson said. “The plan gives the community more of a say in the development and use of land in their local area. The first step in this process is for members of the community to tell the town council what is important to them and what the priorities for Honiton should be for the next 10 to 15 years.” 

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by the government in 2011 and is designed to give local people more power in the planning system. With the help of the community, councillors aim to produce a detailed document identifying areas in the town they think should be kept off-limits to developers. Following a lengthy process, including extensive consultation with residents, the finished plan would become a statutory document. Town councillors would not have the power to pick and choose particular planning applications, but their vision for the future development of the area would be given significant consideration in the planning process. 

A series of major applications for sizeable developments in the town have been submitted in the last year, and local representatives are concerned to ensure that Honiton is allowed to grow in a way which is sustainable for residents. 

Consultation events are planned for the week beginning Monday January 19th, but exact details are yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, those interested in the project can contact the council by email at town council@honiton.gov.uk

HONITON: Council calls for community to help shape town’s future - Pulman's Weekly

Calls for Ottery residents to help shape the future

12:37 06 February 2015 Eleanor Pipe

Ottery Councillors give neighbourhood plan the go ahead

Ottery Councillors give neighbourhood plan the go ahead

Ottery residents are being called upon to shape the future of their parish as a costly project finally gets the go-ahead.

After being plagued with setbacks and uncertainty, Ottery Town Council is pressing forward with its Neighbourhood Development Plan, designed to give people a say over the growth and development of their area. Up to £20,000 of town funds have been set aside to finance the initiative – which was first touted in September 2013, but ground to a halt in June 2014 after it was decided Ottery had ‘missed the boat’.

Councillors gave the plan the green light in October last year and now want people to come forward as the consultation process gets under way.

Councillor Martin Thurgood said: “We really want to press on now and we want the public to be involved. It is the council together with the community - we are really enthusiastic and fired up and ready to go. We have suffered too long from the lack of an up-to-date district council Local Plan and that has meant unplanned development, especially from new housing.”

In addition to the £20,000 set aside by the town council, civic leaders hope to be eligible for a chunk of central and local government funding.

East Devon District Council agreed in January 2015 to designate the whole parish - from West Hill to Wiggaton and Fenny Bridges to Tipton St John - as the area for a neighbourhood plan.

The first step will be to consult widely with the local community and keep people engaged and informed as the plan develops. Anyone interested in helping can call the town clerk on 01404 812252 or email enquiries@otterystmary-tc.gov.uk.

Calls for Ottery residents to help shape the future - News - Sidmouth Herald

The process is being embraced across the South West:
Futures Forum: The Neighbourhood Planning Network in Bristol ... planning from the bottom up

This is all within the wider context of 'localism':
Futures Forum: W(h)ither "localism"?

And many of these ideas go back to the heady days of the 1960s and 70s:
Futures Forum: Karl Hess: Neighbourhood Power: The New Localism
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Power: The New Localism

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