Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hustings in Sidmouth: General Election: Tues 28th April

This letter has just been sent out by the Chair of the Vision Group:

Dear Candidate
Many thanks for accepting the invitation (subject to any other emergent diary demands) to the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS) 2015 Hustings. So far the panel will be made up of the following Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPCs)s :-
Conservative              Hugo Swire
Independent               Claire Wright
Labour                        Steve Race
Liberal Democrat        Stuart Mole
UKIP                           Andrew Chapman
The Hustings for the General Election will be on Apr 28th at St Francis Hall
The event will be styled on the BBC Radio 4 programme “Any Questions”.
The PPCs will make up the panel to take questions from representative groups and members of the public.
The evening will commence at 7.30pm with refreshments.
The panel will gather at 7.50pm; the session will consist of pre-prepared questions being fielded through the chair to the PPCs from the audience - namely from those organisations and individuals who have sent in questions.
The panellists will not be aware of the exact wording of the questions beforehand; they will not be subject to follow-up questions from the audience, although the chair might chose to ask for clarification.
The question-and-answer session will end at 8.50pm with further refreshments.
The evening should finish at about 9.15pm.
The event will be moderated by the Chair. Microphones will be available for both panellists and members of the audience fielding questions. Refreshments will be provided by the VGS.
I will provide a further update nearer the time.

Best regards,
Dave Bramley

Vision Group for Sidmouth

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Hamfisted Crick said...

Place of meeting is important: St Francis Hall, Woolbrook.
They are no longer Prospective Candidates. Most if not all are now official candidates.
Hustings are also arranged for District Council and Town Council elections.

Phd. Gillon said...

I decided to vote for an independent as, lately, for the past five years again, the UK has been too poor for its people hence so many food banks. That should not be as 60% of taxes on the forecourt with petrol goes to the government as well as taxes on wages, overtime, pensions, and 20% VAT on so many. If you thing also that the percentage of foreign aid towards some wars that will not stop until the indigenous people there stop themselves has been lost too ...what Is going on? Anyhow, as a surer bet, I am voting for an independent: Claire Wright in East Devon. Why? Because she seems to speak the truth far more than most Conservative or Labour people I talked to. Anyhow, independents are good as back benchers and can ally themselves to others to have some bills for the people pushed through and also to have sometimes the nation question some unreasonable Conservative or Labour moves with their money.
My American commercial and political and as much British diplomatic experiences lived for the past 28 years, guides me to do that good choice.
I am not speaking for Claire Wright, I am just sharing my diplomatic savvy which I earned in
altruist work known in the UK nad USA.

Jeremy Woodward said...

Thanks for the comment.
There are a couple more postings which you might find helpful: