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A solution to our housing problems: take to the road

The lifestyle of the traveller is not for everyone - and, indeed, their way of life is much maligned:
Localism, populism and the fight against sites | Institute of Race Relations

There is quite a history in Devon:

Most people in Devon know very little about Gypsies and Travellers. You may, for instance, be unaware that the population in Devon includes a significant number of Gypsies and Travellers - many of whom have long historical links with this part of the country.
The Devon population of Gypsies and Travellers comprises of mainly English Romany Gypsies, New Travellers and some Irish Travellers.

Gypsies and Travellers in Devon

A traveller who has attracted a lot of positive attention in the news lately was interviewed some months ago just outside around Exeter:

An extended interview with Devon traveller John Treagood. John is a well loved character who is regularly seen with his horse and dogs at many different roadside stops in the county. He has a fascinating story to tell and he's been talking to Mark Tyler

John Treagood - Devon traveller - YouTube

Earlier this month, John got himself a new horse:

New wagon and horse for famous Devon traveller John Treagood after more than £7,500 is raised

By katiegazette | Posted: February 27, 2015 By Katie French

Photographs of John's new wagon

John Treagood

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DONATIONS have flooded in for Devon traveller John Treagood after it was reported that his horse had died.

The former academic who is often spotted around Mid Devon was left stranded on a roundabout following the death of his faithful horse Gildor last Friday.

The 79-year-old's story touched the hearts of many across the Westcountry, with one man in particular, who felt compelled to help.

Animal photographer Richard Horsfield, who lives in Cornwall, launched an appeal a week ago with the aim of raising enough money to put towards a new horse for Mr Treagood.

Within hours, the site was inundated with generous donations from around the country surpassing the £1,000 goal - with £4,000 raised by Sunday.

The total currently stands at £7,660 which has been enough money not only to secure a horse but a brand-new wagon as well.

Mr Horsfield said: "I am really proud of everyone for caring. John has found a horse that is going to be suitable, and should be with him very soon so they can get to know each other and we have put a deposit down on a new wagon for him too. He has seen the pictures and set his heart on it, so we are having it transported down next week as soon as we can. Please keep your fingers crossed!"

Mr Horsfield said the cost of the horse and wagon is close to what has been raised so far, and asked that people continued to share the campaign to help set John up with an emergency fund for the future.

You can donate or share the fundraising site here: http://www.gofundme.com/muc7os

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