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Of Cranbrook and Greater Exeter

This blog has recently questioned the nature of the 'development' at Cranbrook:
Futures Forum: Of Cranbrook and inappropriate development

Late last year there were concerns expressed by the late Derek Button, Cllr for Broadclyst, about the expansion of eastern Exeter:

Plans submitted for 900 homes on outskirts of Exeter to add to 1,230 with approval

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: November 19, 2014

PLANS for 900 homes have been submitted for the outskirts of Exeter which, if approved, would mean the number of houses going up in the area will more than double.

A total of 1,230 houses on green wedge land dubbed the “lungs of Exeter” between Pinhoe and West Clyst have already been approved, yet in East Devon District Council’s emerging Local Plan 800 are recommended as an “urban extension” at Pinhoe split between the site at Old Park Farm and across the road at Pinn Court Farm.

At the meeting Liberal Democrat East Devon district ward member for Broadclyst Councillor Derek Button said: “This land is the lungs of Exeter and should never be built on.”

Before the meeting, the Devon branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England raised concerns about the scale of the applications in the green wedge.

One thought on “More development between Exeter and Cranbrook – when will it stop?”

Tim says:
19 Nov 2014 at 7:02pm
No Offence ! The East Devon Business Forum may be dead and buried- but its influence lives on.

Plans submitted for 900 homes on outskirts of Exeter to add to 1,230 with approval | Exeter Express and Echo
Pictured: Plans for 900 new homes on edge of Exeter Science Park submitted | Exeter Express and Echo
More development between Exeter and Cranbrook – when will it stop? | East Devon Alliance

Hugo Swire, MP for East Devon has said he is also worried about the growth eastwards of Exeter:

East Devon MP voices concerns about prospect of Exeter – Exmouth “urban sprawl"

Thursday, 22 January, 2015

While listening to his constituents' concerns regarding the prospect of over-development, East Devon MP Hugo Swire expressed his own concerns about the prospect of an "urban sprawl" between Exmouth and Exeter.

The Cabinet Minister made the comments at a recent public meeting called by Vaughan Rosser, a GP and chairman of the Ebford Residents Association with support from Clyst St George Parish Council, amid fears the two settlements are on the verge of being engulfed by new homes. With a total of 35 houses in the pipeline seeking approval or with approval, Ebford could increase by 53 per cent, with an appeal pending for 25 houses in Clyst St George, which, if upheld, would see the village swell by 65 per cent. More than 100 people turned out to raise concerns with the MP and hear what he had to say.

Mr Swire stressed that MPs have no statutory role in planning and cannot adjudicate in local planning matters. But he said he was "extremely sympathetic" to the residents' concerns and was worried about an "urban sprawl" along the estuary corridor from Exeter to Exmouth.

East Devon MP voices concerns about prospect of Exeter – Exmouth “urban sprawl" | Hugo Swire

Earlier today, the East Devon Watch blog pointed out that plans for Cranbrook are about Exeter:


19th March 2015

Puff job for Cranbrook extols the benefit of the new (delayed) railway station saying commuters will get to Exeter ” in less than ten minutes”. It also mentions that Stagecoach now provides the town with cheaper bus fares, considering it part of “Greater Exeter”.

No mention of the same journey time to Honiton or a little more to Axminster.

LOCAL jobs?

And only seven shops in total for the expanded town?

“… The decision by Stagecoach to change the boundary of the day rider ticket for Exeter to incorporate Cranbrook, has also resulted in a 40% reduction in the price of travelling to Exeter.”

“… The train station is also under construction and will provide access to Exeter Central station in less than ten minutes.”
Cranbrook moves into the next stage of its developments | Exeter Express and Echo

Cranbrook “to EXETER in less than 10 minutes” and cheap bus fares from Cranbrook to Exeter | East Devon Watch
Cranbrook now part of Exeter according to Stagecoach | East Devon Watch

However, recently, Paul Diviani, Leader of the District Council extolled the virtues of 'Greater Exeter - Greater Devon':

Jobs boost as forklift truck company plans UK headquarters near Exeter

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: March 09, 2015

SIXTY jobs are set to be created after an international company unveiled plans to build a new UK headquarters near Exeter. Forklift truck giant Still has agreed terms for a new £5m facility at Hill Barton Business Park, on the A3052 opposite Crealy Great Adventure Park.

A planning application has been submitted by developers Stuart Properties for the new 6,700 sq m building that will become the company’s UK HQ.

Councillor Paul Diviani, leader of East Devon District Council, added: “What further fantastic news for East Devon and our partners Exeter, Teignbridge and the county. This is further proof that Greater Exeter, Greater Devon is the place to do business.

“Having outgrown their satellite on Marsh Barton, Still needed to move but our combined offer with Stuart Properties was enough to ensure the relocation of their UK HQ to Hill Barton.”

Jobs boost as forklift truck company Still plan UK headquarters near Exeter | Exeter Express and Echo

However, questions had been raised earlier about the nature of the new alignment:

Concerns raised over “profoundly undemocratic” way decision was made for Greater Exeter, Greater Devon Partnership

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: November 25, 2014

EAST Devon councillors have reacted to the plans for closer working between East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council and Teignbridge District Council.

Many have welcomed the plans but criticised the decision not to consult members before the announcement. East Devon ward member for Ottery St Mary, Independent Councillor Roger Giles, dubbed the way the decision was made as “profoundly undemocratic”.

Exmouth ward member Councillor Eileen Wragg, welcomed the plans but said the decision came as a “sudden surprise” to members. "But this is unitary by the back door, but it makes sense."

Sidmouth ward member, Conservative Councillor Stuart Hughes, also welcomed the plans. He added: “There is nothing extraordinary about decisions such as this being made without members and it seems like a good idea. If it’s good for local residents and I think it could be, and saves money, then it should be welcomed.”

But East Devon Alliance campaign group chairman, Paul Arnott, slammed the “dehind closed doors” decision making. “One of the giveaway indicators of Government bodies making bad policy is when they announce a major decision to the press before they tell their own elected representatives,” he said.

Concerns raised over “profoundly undemocratic” way decision was made for Greater Exeter, Greater Devon Partnership | Exeter Express and Echo

Meanwhile, questions remian about the extent of 'community spirit' in Cranbrook:
Achievements of the Cranbrook Forum … | East Devon Watch
Cranbrook Community Forum - Home
Cranbrook: residents speak – and it isn’t all sweetness and light (or even “vibrant”) | East Devon Watch

And is the crime rate particularly high in Cranbrook?
Thefts happen everywhere, but...
Appeal over Cranbrook thefts

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