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East Devon District Council elections: what the websites say >>> Conservatives and East Devon Alliance on-line

We have the full list of who is standing for the District Council elections in Sidmouth next week:
Futures Forum: The final list of candidates for East Devon District Council election announced
Futures Forum: East Devon District Council elections: latest reports

Going on-line to see what the candidates have to say is both interesting and disappointing.


Looking at the Conservatives, who currently make up all seven District Councillors in Sidmouth...

The East Devon Conservatives website focusses entirely on the parliamentary elections:
East Devon | Conservatives

The information about current Conservative District Councillors on the website are simply links to the District Council's own website:
District Councillors | East Devon

Using these links, the Conservative party candidates for Sidmouth are:

Sidmouth Sidford
Sidmouth Sidford - Cllr Stuart Hughes | East Devon
Ian McKenzie-Edwards (newly-standing)
Sidmouth Sidford - Cllr Graham Troman | East Devon

Sidmouth Town (three seats)
Sidmouth Town - Cllr Sheila Kerridge | East Devon
Sidmouth Town - Cllr Frances Newth | East Devon
Sidmouth Town - Cllr Peter Sullivan | East Devon

Sidmouth Rural
Sidmouth Sidford - Cllr Christine Drew | East Devon

The only Conservative party candidate for a Sidmouth ward with their own website is Stuart Hughes. This is from his homepage:

Towards & Beyond 2017

I shall continue to oppose the relocation of East Devon District Council's HQ from the Knowle and the subsequent loss of 400 local jobs which are vital to our local economy......Having been successful in moving an amendment that saw the proposal for the controversial Business/Retail Park site at Sidford being removed from the Draft Local Plan I shall now continue to champion the designation of a Green Wedge between Sidford and Sidbury which is within the AONB....and continue to campaign for a link to the Alexandria Industrial Estate from the B3176 Station Road which would unlock the provision of further employment opportunities in the Sid Valley, and maximising the full potential of World Heritage Site status (Jurassic Coast) by the re-development of Port Royal including the provision of an Interpretation Centre and lecture theatre. I also support the limited development of further affordable/shared equity housing .

I shall both support and promote measures that will improve the safety, environment and quality of life for residents. The Woolbrook 20mph zone has seen a reduction in vehicle speeds and the new Toucan Crossing on the A375 Sidford Road which I called for as part of the Long Park to the Byes 106 funded Cycleway will benefit ALL cyclists, pedestrians and those with mobility scooters in reaching the Woolbrook Centre and the Byes.

Climate change poses the greatest threat to Sidmouth and further erosion in the vicinity of Pennington Point/Alma Bridge will leave eastern town exposed to flooding from a severe south easterly storm. I shall continue to raise this issue and press for the earliest implementation of a much needed coastal protection scheme through the Beach Management Plan..............I have already given the go ahead for necessary approvals to be sought for the replacement Alma Bridge which is the lifeline for those who live on the east of the Sid and is our Gateway to the Jurassic Coast...... Pedestrianisation (full/partial) and Park and Change are two issues that I shall continue to champion the cause for and which feature in the Vision Groups 'Vision for Sidmouth' document. These two measures go hand in hand towards providing a quality shopping experience for local residence and visitors alike by removing vehicles from the town centre.

Having supported the Stirling work of the Comforts Fund through my locality budget in the provision of new facilities at the Sidmouth Cottage Hospital I am supporting the case for the retention of the Minor Injuries Unit.........I am also working towards Green Close rising from the ashes through the private sector as a Dementia Care Facility for the Sid Valley.

Sharing Your Caring.


This is Stuart Hughes' blog:
www.devonconservative.org.uk - blog

And these are the pages in his role as a District Councillor:
www.devonconservative.org.uk - district

Otherwise, none of the other Conservative candidates for Sidmouth (both previously-sitting and newly-standing) have any substantial web presence.

The only information on-line about these candidates is from other media - for example:
Key roles confirmed at East Devon annual meeting | Exeter Express and Echo

Elsewhere in the District, one of the few Conservative candidates to have any internet presence of her own is Jill Elson, who is defending her ward in Exmouth:
Jill Elson | Jill Elson An East Devon Councillor

Ian Thomas of Trinity also has a website - but as he has been re-elected by default, there is not much activity at present:
Trinitymatters.co.uk website of Cllr Ian Thomas EDDC - Home


Looking at the challengers to the Conservatives, there has been considerable interest in the media - perhaps because this challenge is on such an unprecedented scale:
Independent alliance target Sidmouth  COLYTON TODAY | NEWS | SIDMOUTH: | 2015
Sidmouth Herald: Independents Day for Valley? | East Devon Alliance
EDA in the Press - East Devon Alliance

The framework of the East Devon Alliance is not only providing support for independents - it is also proving quite a presence on-line:
Independents working for you | East Devon Alliance

There is a busy Facebook account:
East Devon Watch | Facebook

The EDA is also on YouTube:

East Devon Alliance - YouTube

This video has just been loaded onto both the EDA website and YouTube:

Published on Apr 26, 2015

Paul is an Independent East Devon Alliance candidate for the Coly Valley ward (with Sheila Smith) in the East Devon District Council elections on 7th May 2015. In this video, Paul speaks about public expectations for democratic transparency, the need for genuinely affordable housing, the effects of a decades-long single-party administration in East Devon, and the opportunity at these elections for voters to enable this change to happen.

Paul Arnott - YouTube
Paul Arnott | East Devon Alliance

Paul Arnott is the Chair of the EDA:
Press Release from Paul Arnott Chair of East Devon Alliance, 12 November 2014 | East Devon Watch

Looking at the independent candidates for Sidmouth:
Sidmouth Wards | East Devon Alliance

Sidmouth Town:
Cathy Gardner | East Devon Alliance
Matt Booth | East Devon Alliance
John Dyson (Independent but endorsed by EDA)

Sidmouth Sidford
Dawn Manley | East Devon Alliance
Deborah Tallis | East Devon Alliance
Marianne Rixson | East Devon Alliance

Sidmouth Rural
David Barratt | East Devon Alliance (Independent but endorsed by EDA)

This is the EDA's own analysis of the list of candidates across the District:

Meanwhile, there are other websites from independent candidates and councillors in the District.

Notably, Claire Wright, who is standing down as a District Councillor for Ottery Rural to stand as a parliamentary candidate, has provided a very active website over the past four years:

Her independent colleague Susie Bond will be contesting the Feniton ward - and has had her own blog since she became a Councillor following the resignation of Cllr Graham Brown:
Susie Bond | Independent District Councillor for Feniton and Buckerell ward, EDDC

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