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Sidmouth Sea Fest: Bank Holiday weekend: Friday 1st May - Saturday 2nd May >>> a community event

Next Friday, the Sidmouth Sea Fest kicks off with a book launch and exhibition:
Futures Forum: Stan Bagwell's Sidmouth: Celebrating Sidmouth's fishing and maritime history

And there's much more on the programme:

Sea Fest the Pick of Pulman’s View! | Sidmouth Sea Fest

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Sea Fest Story

Sidmouth Sea Fest aims to build on the success of the ‘One Fish, Two Fish’ project – the Ham Fish Wall – a permanent mural built by the community on the Ham at Sidmouth seafront.
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Sidmouth Sea Fest celebrates the opportunities afforded ‘In, On and From the Sea’ for community cohesion, learning and social and economic benefit.
The event aims to celebrate and advocate the vibrant coastal community of Sidmouth and encourage a spirit of shared place through inviting the range of local clubs, enterprises, schools and the public to a one-day event which will showcase the activities, heritage and education that Sidmouth offers to local people and visitors.
The coastal celebration theme will harness energy and creativity, shared learning and fun, and will focus on sustainable development, responsible tourism and community participation.
Sidmouth Sea Fest 2014 and 2015 is part of the two-year EU funded ‘TourFish’ project.
‘TourFish’ stands for ‘Tourism for Inshore Fishing Food and Sustainability’
The 600,000 Euro ‘TourFish’ project was approved for funding by the EU Interreg IVa programme in 2013. ‘TourFish’ brings together partners and networks in England, France, Belgium and Holland to collaborate on common issues faced by coastal communities in particular those linked to inshore fishing. A conference was held in the Sussex coastal town of Hastings, England on 23rd and 24th June 2014 and was attended by policymakers from the European Commission and member States.
You can download the TourFish publication here
Sidmouth Sea Fest will welcome all TourFish partners to Sidmouth from 29th April to 3rd May 2015. A reception will be held that will provide an opportunity to meet the partners and discuss the project, and we will be hosting an exhibition of the fishing heritage of the coastal town of Arnemuiden, Holland that will include the fishermen’s sweaters project that is becoming a huge success.
Sidmouth Sea Fest is run by the Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC – promoting responsible tourism and community engagement.

Sea Fest Story | Sidmouth Sea Fest

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